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VIP Spa. No:532


She was from Ho chi min, not sure is it first time work in VIP but seem experience. I never see her before in VIP before. Very nice pics in the wechat as stated.

Chio but not the seibei chio type. Bitchy kind of pattern with long dye hair in her 20s.

Slim, sexy and petite body shape with small neh neh. Easy to carry to bonk type.Nicely erected nipple when aroused. She have no visual scar or mark on her on body, no tattoo also.

Shower for me like a big baby.. wash every inch of my body clean clean. After drying myself, I lie face down and she apply lotion and rub to lick my back from had to toe.. follow by ice licking and hot licking treatment. Later she signal me to turn over, same as the back with hot and cold treatment occasionally teasing and hand job and tools. While, I was already busy rubbing her clitoris.The feeling was so shiok.

After that, she proceed to suck my balls. Give a good suck and she lick every inch of my shaft. Slowly and gently, I hold on to her head and she blow me. I mouthfucked her and I can feel she chewing my cock. The swirling and twisting of her tongues inside my cock was seibei shiok. I was again busy rubbing her wet wet pussy and fondling her already erected nipple.

Foreplay/Chemistry: ★★★★★
Lot of cuddling and hugging with high gf feel. Good attitude no rushing.willing to please and able to communicate in simple chinese.

Lick her stomach and navel. Followed by her tigh and inner tigh. Her pussy was trimmed patch type. Wet n tight with no smell. She hold on to my head and she was so shiok when I lash out every stroke on her clitoris. As I lash in fast, she shiver and let out soft n sexy moan.

I cannot tahan as I insert my tool into her wet pussy. She cling on to my hip area tightly with her arm n leg. We french like lover and I lick her neck and the back of the ear as I pump her in a up and down position. I go into fast deep and accerlate my speed,I ram her harder and deeper while facing her. Every stroke I go in, she was moaning and whining in climax and the piak piak sound and expression make me really hard to tahan and want to fuck her more. It make me feel like fucking my gf.I ram her fast and furious till I shoot all the soldiers out.

Verdict: ★★★★★
It was a nice and good bonk overall. She is confirm the RTF type. Sure no regret and worth to try.Will bookmark her for next visit. Try her before she left. She could be the next Ang Pai for VIP. I left a happy and satisfy man
I left a happy and satisfy man

Please treat her nicely, gently and take good care of her.
Hope my experience will give u guy a much more detail information on the service that you can expect.
Thanks for your time and patient for reading my FR