All newbies please note and try to follow the below 3 rules & regulation. You won't complain of other members of zapping you. I have a basic guide for newbies to get their very first FL contacts in a relatively easy and non-painful way.

First thing you should do as newbies is please read the stickies here in this newbie forum, it has provide you with a guide of some rules to follow. After reading them and I mean REALLY read not just go there to post "I've read" "good advices" "I'll follow" and the go make exactly the same mistake again.

Second (comming to the meat of this guide) is to follow this simple steps.

1) SEARCH - using the search function provided. The search button is located on the dark blue bar on top of the page, between New Posts and Quick Links. It also has a small downward pointing arrow. Click on that, and it will drop down a small text box. Type in the field of your request (eg. Big Boobs, or Local FL). Pls press enter at this time or you can just click on the "Go" button. You can also use the advance search function too. But explaining its use will be too long for this guide.

2) READ - the FRs undoubtly be shown to you from your search. Pls remember it takes time and effort to write the FRs. Not to mention cost for bros who actually go do the hunting for gems. Find one that you like and scroll to the original thread starter.

3) PM - the threadstarter. To do that click on the nick, and it should drop down a list of option, the second on the list is to send a message to the person. You will want to do that so click on it. It should open a new window. On the title type in "RE: FL <insert name of FL>". On the main body of the message, type in your requests for contacts. Please be courteous (the word please should be use liberally), humble (praise the threadstarter for good FR and how the FR make you steam and how you like to get the FR).

These 3 simple steps should get you your VERY FIRST FL contacts from bros here.

DO NOT make your requests as if we owe you the contacts. DO NOT KPKB if bros do not feel comfortable to give you contacts (ie dun give you any contacts lah). DO NOT post requests as starting post without searching first.

DO be humble. DO thanks the bro that give you the contact. DO add his points if you enjoyed your bonk. DO write a FR on his thread after you tried his contact.