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    Boon Kee Pork Porridge

    Comforting Hainanese Style Congee Near Jalan Besar.

    Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge has various options such as pork, chicken, sliced fish, cuttlefish, or a combination of the ingredients.

    If you come during the weekends or peak hours, you may have to wait say 20 to 30 minutes or even longer. But at least you are seated down waiting, and not in a hot, stuffy line.

    Get your number in the form of a casino chip, and look out for that number on the LED screen.

    Rest assured this is a nourishing, filling, belly-warming bowl, and you would find the texture much-thicker than the usual ones.

    The grains are still slightly distinguishable, but yet it is overly still smooth.

    The winning point are the tender pieces of pork without a strong ?porky? smell.

    Also, the servings of chopped spring onions, preserved tong chye and shallot oil provide a more flavourful and aromatic mix.

    I just went to try and my verdict was "GOOD".

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    638 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 200638

    Operation Hours
    6:45am ? 2:30pm (Tues ? Sun), Closed Mon

    +65 6296 9100

    AVERAGE PRICE: $3 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch and take away only

    Signature: pork, chicken, sliced fish, cuttlefish porridge

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    Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee

    Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee is not a stranger for all Bak Chor Mee fans.

    They started in 1945 and has been serving Teochew style bak chor mee (BCM) for more than half a century.

    At Hong Lim Food Centre, be ready to wait for at least 30 minutes during lunch. Ah Kow has passed on the skills to his two sons. In the past, both brothers shared the stall at Hong Lim.

    The 4th son would operate from Tuesdays to Thursdays while the elder son would operate from Fridays to Mondays.

    Through a Facebook group, we got to know that the 4th son has just opened his own stall in Bukit Batok serving the same old classic BCM.

    Jon Cher, who is the son of the 4th son of Ah Kow, shared that his father ?was kicked out by his own brother? in 2000 and hence he rented his own stall in Old Airport Hawker Centre till 2014.

    Eventually, the stall owner at Old Airport sold away the stall, hence it was closed. Recently, they started again in Bukit Batok!

    Looking at how the uncle has got older over the years, I started to wonder if there is anyone to take over their cooking.

    According to Jon, he was doing full time during the Old Airport days.
    As the bukit batok stall is opened for only a month, Jon still holds on to his full time job and will only be there to help out during weekends.
    But it looks like there is a possibility that he will be back to start full time soon once business picks up.

    I just went to try and my verdict was "GOOD".

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    Blk 359 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore 650359

    Operation Hours
    Monday 8am to 2pm; Wed to sunday 8am to 8pm. Closed on Tuesdays

    +65 9846 0941

    AVERAGE PRICE: $4 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch and take away only

    Signature: Teochew Dumpling Soup, Mushroom-minced-pork-mee poh dry and mee kia dry

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    Min Ji Laksa

    Old School, Nostalgic Laksa at Bendemeer Food Centre.

    Min Ji Laksa serves Singaporean and Chinese cuisine. They are known for their delicious Laksa. Come and enjoy their food in a very affordable budget!The Hungry Cow who used to stay at the area during his childhood day.

    Apparently the stall has been around for more than 17 years. The stall sells only two items, Laksa and Mee Rebus.

    I can't say this is the best laksa I have tasted but it definitely brings a warm and comforting feel to the hearty bowl of laksa.

    A tip from Leroy is to purchase the youtiao from next door to soak up the laksa broth.

    The overall taste is decent. The cockles tasted fresh and I like to have them together with the gravy.

    Quite a decent meal with the standard pricing for hawker foods.

    I just went to try and my verdict was "GOOD".

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    Bendemeer Food Centre
    Blk 29 Bendemeer Road
    Singapore 330029

    Operation Hours
    Daily: 7am - 3pm

    +65 96691585

    AVERAGE PRICE: $3 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch and take away only

    Signature: Laksa, Mee Rebus

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    Plum Village Restaurant

    Staying true to its Hakka roots

    am not a Hakka, but somehow I am a big fan of Hakka food. Especially during Chinese New Year, I always look forward to visiting my aunt who makes very good abacus seeds (算盤子). It is made from yam and flour, cut into abacus-bead shapes, and cooked till soft and chewy.

    It is then stir fried with minced chicken or pork, dried shrimps, mushrooms and various other vegetables.

    At one moment, I even tried to find a chef to teach me how to make Abacus beads. Another moment, I was cooking huang jiu ji, a chicken stir-fry with home-made glutinous rice wine and ginger.

    So when the colleagues decided to treat me to Plum Village Restaurant (梅村酒家) for my farewell lunch, I was all over the moon! It is shameful that I have never tried this hakka restaurant before even though Jalan Leban was my hometown. But nevermind, better late then never!

    Plum Village Restaurant is great for casual family dinners or social gatherings, and dining here will definitely stir up feelings of nostalgia.

    The pricing is friendly to the pocket, and they truly serve authentic Hakka dish that make me feel at home.

    The boss is very friendly. Knowing that I am very passionate about Hakka food, he gave me his cookbook for free and invited me to come back again in September when Plum Village celebrates 30 years anniversary!

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    16 Jalan Leban

    Operation Hours
    11.30am ? 2.30pm, 6pm ? 10pm daily

    +65 6458 9005

    AVERAGE PRICE: $10 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Lunch & Dinner

    Signature: Hong Zao Steamed Pork, Hong Zao Chicken, and Hong Zao Pig Tail. Here is my Chicken in Red Glutinous Rice Wine (Hong Zao Ji)

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    Qi Xiang Chicken Pot

    Obscure Claypot Chicken Steamboat Near Kovan MRT.

    On a steamboat spectrum, Qi Xiang Chicken Pot ranks high on uniqueness and taste.

    Regular clear steamboat soup could very well be Singaporeans? favourite, but they?ve created a spicy, dark soy sauce chicken broth that?s thick enough to be called gravy, yet thin enough to lap up from your spoon.

    Seasoned with chillies, onions, green peppers and more, you?re allowed to pick your preferred spice level. We settled for ?normal? and I?d recommend going with that so you get a nice splash of heat that complements the flavourful soup instead of a ma la pot that kills your taste buds.

    It?s easy to get carried away by the broth, but the chicken that gave way to a slight nudge of my chopsticks earned an adoring stare from me. It was lean, with tender meat that hinted towards a herbal flavour instead of simply inheriting the taste of the broth.

    As a popular dish among Singaporeans, steamboat has evolved and we?re seeing more and more quirky options like durian and prawn mee steamboat. With an addictive concoction, Qi Xiang Chicken Pot?s claypot version is bound to please many taste buds. Plus, it?s relatively quiet, so you can have your fix in peace!

    My advice is to bring a couple of friends with you. We went in a group of three and shared half a chicken but still struggled to empty the pot.

    Just a five-minute walk from Kovan MRT Station, this gem is located right beside the famed Ponggol Nasi Lemak.

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    973 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534725

    Operation Hours
    Daily 4pm to 1 am

    8458 1921

    AVERAGE PRICE: $10 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Dinner & Supper

    Signature: Herbal Chicken Pot ($26.90 for half chicken, $37.90 for whole chicken, $25.90 for two drumsticks) and Frog Leg Pot ($28.90 for small, $39.90 for big)

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    Heng Huat Boon Lay Boneless Duck Noodles

    Famous Duck Noodles With Roasted Pork At Boon Lay Food Village.

    Heng Huat Boon Lay Boneless Duck Noodles is not a halal-certified eatery.

    Like many Singaporeans, I used to associate Boon Lay Food Village with the birthplace of Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak.

    The other stalls in this neighbourhood food village have been in the shadows of this powerhouse of a nasi lemak stall for more than 10 years, and only a few have managed to step out of its shadow. Heng Huat Boneless Duck Noodles is one of them.

    The stall is helmed by the youthful Richard Foo, who seems to be the most energetic person in the early morning.

    Awaited by tons of customers, he constantly shouts for orders and pushes out bowls of duck noodles in a timely fashion.

    Outside the kitchen, Richard is a humble man who is slightly camera shy, and prefers to let his food do the talking.

    The family-run stall opened in 1994, and Richard chose to name it after his beloved father as he was the one responsible for igniting his love for cooking.

    Richard?s wife and their children can be spotted giving him a hand at times, especially when business gets hectic.

    Despite arriving at 7am, I was surprised to spot a snaking long queue in front of the stall.

    Aside from the large words ?Boneless Duck Noodles?, the stall has a modest storefront.

    You can add a couple of tasty sides too, such as duck wings, gizzards, and on some days, roasted pork.

    Boon Lay Food Village has a very chill and laid-back atmosphere, and many elderly folks were spotted having their meals at a leisurely pace. Some were having a light-hearted catch-up with their buddies over a cup of hot kopi.

    The seats at the fringes of the food centre might get slightly more sun during the lunch hours, so avoid those areas if you can.

    Heng Huat Boneless Duck Noodles rightfully holds its ground as one of the best stalls at Boon Lay Food Village.

    The stall is popular among the breakfast crowd, so you might want to arrive early as they sell out pretty fast.

    I would return for their tasty and comforting bowls of noodles.

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    221B Boon Lay Place, #01-140, Boon Lay Place Food Village, Singapore 642221

    Operation Hours
    Tue-Sat 5:45am to 10am, 4.45pm to 7pm, Sun 5:45am to 10am

    No land line

    AVERAGE PRICE: $3.50 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and takeaway

    Signature: Duck Noodle Dry and Soup, Duck Bee Hoon Dry or Soup, Duck Drumstick Noodles with Roasted Pork

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    Jeun VirtueFarm

    Jeun VirtueFarm 浚德田 is a relatively new stall at 79A Circuit Road Food Centre which sells vegan renditions of local noodles stall favourites.

    The stall is run by young hawkerpreneurs who treat their trade as an art form - instrumentals could be heard from the background as the young noodle chef cooks the noodles with skilled precision.

    Its is manned by 2 gentlemen who prepares their food fresh and they are humble and polite.

    This place is so delicious. David, the owner is very positive persone who will explain you everything about his menu but also you can have great conversation about food and life.

    Lotus soup is one of the best soup I ever tried. And meat insight taste even to much like real meat.

    I have mutton as well which is full of umami taste plus incredible rice. Perfect!

    They opened quite late in the day and close late at the same time. I like their food as it is generally healthier and they have more soup options as compared to other stalls in the same Food Center.

    Soup is really good and healthy and their have a wide variety of rice and it is really good

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    Block 79A, Circuit Rd, Circuit Road Food Centre, Unit 01-84, East Singapore, Singapore, 371079

    Operation Hours
    11:00am - 9:00pm Daily


    AVERAGE PRICE: $4 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and takeaway

    Signature: veg shitake minced meat noodle, fuzhou fish ball noodles, Chinese boiled soup, rice and porridge.

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    Jln Wangi Laksa Yong Tau Foo

    In this modern age and time, it is not uncommon for us to have to spend at least $5 for a decent meal in a food centre. Hence, we were speechless when we found Jln Wangi Laksa Yong Tau Foo!

    Situated in the corner of MacPherson Road is this old-school stall selling ytf. Their main highlight is you can choose 7 ingredients and the noodle of your choice for just $2.50! There are three ways you can have your bowl of Yong Tau Foo: Dry, Soup or with Laksa Gravy.

    The best thing is the price is the same no matter which ingredient you choose.

    Over the years, they have concocted their own version of Chilli Sauce and Sweet Sauce.

    Their homemade chilli sauce is fried with belacan and shallot oil. The uncle explained that they get their sweet sauce from a supplier, but that sweet sauce is never good on its own. He adds ingredients such as shallot oil and ketchup to give the sauce its fragrance.

    They also serve you a big bowl of soup to go with your noodles. It had quite a strong vegetable taste and was rather light. With all the flavours from the sauces and noodles, this soup was just what I needed to end my meal with.

    Should you be around the MacPherson area, pay them a visit. Your meal will definitely be worth every cent!

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    79 Jalan Wangi, Singapore 349389

    Operation Hours
    8am to 2pm daily.


    AVERAGE PRICE: $4 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch and takeaway

    Signature: Laksa Yong Tau Hoo, Yong Tau Hoo dry or soup

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    Quan Ji Bak Chor Mee

    Third-Gen Hawker Runs Bak Chor Mee Stall In Ang Mo Kio.

    Minced meat noodle, more commonly known as bak chor mee, is one of Singapore?s most notable comfort food.

    It is a versatile dish, given that it can be consumed at any time of the day.

    Quan Ji Bak Chor Mee is only a month old, but it has been gaining popularity amidst the residents of Ang Mo Kio.

    This stall is run by Chun Siang, a fresh graduate from NTU and Ivan, who took a year off from university to start this business.

    The bak chor mee business originated from the original stall located in the heart of Bedok Interchange. Started in 1965, it was run by Ivan?s wife?s grandfather. Ivan (on the extreme left) decided to learn the recipes after seeing how his grandfather-in-law was getting older.

    Although the Bedok stall still stands, he decided to open another on his own with Chun Siang (middle), who he met in school.

    Chun Siang, who just graduated from NTU, was an engineering student. From engineering to running his own kitchen, this change was an unexpected decision. ?I did not want to restrict myself to an office job, or an 8 to 5 job.

    I could do that anytime. But let?s say 10 years down the road, if someone approached me to start a business, I would not do it. Why not start now??, he elaborated.

    It is truly inspiring to see third-generation hawkers like Ivan and Chun Siang to step up to the challenge!

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    Block 260 Ang Mo Kio Street 21, Singapore 560260 |

    Operation Hours
    7.30am ? 8pm (Daily)


    AVERAGE PRICE: $3 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and takeaway

    Signature: Bak Chor Mee, Laksa, Cheese Tofu, Prawn Rolls, Cuttlefish ball, or Sotong Ball

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    Ming Fa Duck Rice

    Ming Fa Duck Rice specialises in traditional herbal Duck Rice.

    Hooray!! The famous duck rice stall of Blk 21 Defu Lane, Ming Fa Duck Rice, has recently moved to Hainanese Village Centre.

    More HDB heartlanders would now get a chance to savour the famous delicious duck recipe.

    The stall specialises in duck rice, but they also serve noodles.

    The duck meat is soft and tender, and its accompanying thick gravy is made from some traditional herbal recipe.

    We love the smooth, silky texture of the duck meat, which is easy to bite. Depending on which day you visit the stall, you may be served either eggs or bean curds and a bowl of Sichuan soup along with your duck rice.

    Regardless of what you get, just don?t forget the chilli, which comes in 2 portions. The dry chill has some ikan bilis in it, while the wet chilli looks mistakenly like those of chicken rice, but it is not.

    The wet chilli has a sourish taste, and the trick is you have to mix the dry and wet chilli in equal portion. Dip the gravy-coated duck meat in the chilli concoction and get ready to enjoy a true delicacy.

    Residents around the Hainanese Village Centre certainly has something to cheer about with Ming Fa Duck Rice in their vicinity.

    Drop in today! Highly recommended!

    105 Hougang Avenue 1 #02-01 Hainanese Village Centre, Singapore 530105

    Operation Hours
    Monday - Saturday : 07:00am - 12:00pm
    Sunday : Closed

    +65 8278 1251

    AVERAGE PRICE: $3 onwards

    SUITABLE FOR: Breakfast, Lunch, and takeaway

    Signature: Duck Rice, Duck Noodle



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