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A very good product that allow me to regret my youthfullness again during my bed activity.

Strong and no side effect and easy to use product.

Although the process take some time but it is really must try and no try will regret.

Thanks bro MH for the great help for regaining my sex life.
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I was suprised to be able to make another round in bed, which normally I can't. Getting an erection is a lot easier now, too.

I got slight side effect of headache whenever taking two pills, but the headache usually subsides when I take a short nap.

Overall satisfied with the product. Will be purchasing again!
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Great product. Erection is easy and hard.
However headache after action.
Thirsty after consuming pill so drink more water.
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I tried it last night. Pop one pill and nothing happened for the first 2 hours but I do notice my cock looks bigger when I pee-ed.
Then late in the night I tried to spice up with wifey. The moment i undress her the reaction starts. She feedback why my cock looks bigger this time.
Anyways I started poking her and it felt so tight coz of my increased girth. She told me it felt warm and tough in her..after some poking she climb on top of me and started rocking me. I felt i was able to last longer the time came when I felt the need to shoot. I pulled out and my penis started first 3 squirts it flew strongly and hit my pillow..missing my face. My chest and tummy were filled with my cum as well..
It's been a while since I can last longer and have such strong squirts!*
No headache the next day. I still feel hard till this afternoon occasionally when I saw those sexy OL walking in town.
Thumbs up for the pills.
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Ordering and receiving products from seller was relatively straight forward...
Most important it was discrete.

Products are awesome, took 1 pill an hour before action and can feel effects of product. Erection is more intense and hard...

Sex was both intense and passionate for both parties and the greatest thing is that we can both cum at the same time twice!

Strongly recommend!
PM me now for details!!!