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    Massage at Roxy Square

    Been to Roxy Square 2 for dinner last week and chance upon tis massage parlour while on the way to the toilet. The shop is closed but I took down the contact no. written on the glass door...Decided to try out the massage yesterday as body was aching and make an appt at 3pm..reached the parlour and was greeted by this tall singaporean lady, wow she was very tall, seems to be ard 1.7m, quite sweet looking and friendly.

    Had a very satisfying massage, I guess she really has learned some massage skills before cos her strength was really strong and she pressed my whole body really well...after abt 30 mins of massage, she popped the questions whether I want some special..I ask her wat she is her so call "special", she said she provide fj & hj.. since it was my maiden trip, i decided to play safe and opt for hj to test water first...

    She really took her time to stroke my didi and we had a really long and passinate kisses!! she is really a gd kisser, no rush at all, really give you tat gfe feeling..shiok! It was really my lucky day, gd massage plus finishing off with a gd hj well worth the $$ spent, will return again to try her FJ

    Looks: 7/10 (girl next door look)
    Massage: 8/10 (really gd strength n technique)
    HJ: 8/10 (slow n sensuous, no rush at all)
    Damage: 40 + 50.
    RTF: Yes!!

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    Thanks for your review! Maybe next time you can write your Singapore massage review on Happy Massage!

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    That was a great experience. What thus fj and hj means just curious about.

    I accidentally visit this great site that offers maassge with special services also maybe that what you call fj and hj Let me share it http://thebelledonna.com/



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