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    5 Weird things you didn't know about sex (and its effect on your body)

    These facts may not be useful for the local pub quiz (if they are we want to know what erotic pub quiz you're attending!) but they will mesmerise your girlfriends next time they pop over for a coffee...

    Take a peek and let us know what you think...

    My left side is my best side

    According to sexperts there's actually a specific area of the clitoris that's the most sensitive. The upper left 'quadrant' of the clitoral head is the most pleasurable spot to touch, which is why there's always a more sensitive peak when he moves in circles.

    Keep rolling on

    Women can orgasm forever. No seriously, there isn't a limit to the amount of times a woman can orgasm in any one sexual session. After orgasm, men experience a rest period where they lose their erection - they need to get this back for orgasm 2.0.

    On the other hand, women can keep going because they don't physiologically need any 'recovery time'. Most women don't achieve multiples because they are over stimulated, so switch between erogenous zones, the clitoris and G-Spot for rolling multiples.

    The pieces don't fit anymore

    Not all puzzle pieces fit together, so it stands to reason that not all ladies and gents will fit together either. It is possible to have a partner who isn't compatible with your body, either they're too long, too small, too thin, wide etc. That's why sex can feel so much better with one partner compared to another - even if they don't have Christian Grey-style technique.

    Post coital glow

    After sex your oestrogen level soars which makes your hair shinier, you skin smoother and your eyes brighter. This is one of the reasons why women feel so much more attractive after sex than before! The hormone boost is also thought to moisturise the walls of the vagina, making round two far more enjoyable...

    Period passion

    It's normal to experience a peak in sexual arousal around the time that you ovulate. This is when your natural testosterone levels are at their highest, which is what makes men so permanently randy. So basically you get male levels of friskiness coursing through your blood stream just when your body is ready to get preggers. Neat little trick of biology!

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    Interesting read indeed

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    thx for sharing



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