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    Zouk Club @ Kuala Lumpur TREC, Jalan Tun Razak

    No doubt Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur is one of the leading night club in Malaysia & an award-winning clubbing venue to find right in the heart of the KL city. Party with the finest Zouk DJs at the club from weekdays to weekends with the best club nights & ladies night- 4PLAY, LOUD etc. Zouk Club is the sensation that established Malaysia on the international electronic dance scene. Zouk KL have continued to deliver progressive and fresh music but there's something that keeps the Zouk magic alive - the people. Zouk Club KL is modified, multiplied and amplified. Kuala Lumpur boasts a rapidly morphing cityscape; one that looks set to transform even more with the addition of Zouk Club to its repertoire of already hip dining joints and bars.

    Zouk KL takes to the stage on Jalan Tun Razak in the heart of the Golden Triangle's main strip of bars, boasting an unbeatable view of the famous KLCC Twin Towers in Malaysia.

    The new Zouk Club KL is consist of 11 spectacular, experiental spaces

    Zouk is one of the largest entertainment dance club under one roof divided into 11 dance rooms each brings their own clubbing experience and vibrant environment

    Zouk Cafe Bar
    Pit stop for drinks, good food and conversations

    Beer Garden
    An alfresco space to hang out, or have a sumptuous meal.

    Zouk Main Room
    The soul of Zouk KL with its altar-like console & array of visual display.

    Haven for hip-grinding urban rhythms.

    Residence for the fun-loving, trendy and cosmopolitan set.

    Velvet Underground
    Posh, lush interiors befitting its discerning clientele.

    Member's Lounge
    An intimate space focused on the service bar.

    A breeding ground for the free spirited and creative hounds.

    Glass Box
    A room that adapts suitably for private events.

    Kuala Lumpur's most luxurious VIP lounge.

    Balcony Deck
    Enjoy the spectacular view of Royal Selangor Golf Club from the outdoors.


    Zouk Club, 436, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Contact: 016-3323191

    Zouk Club entrance fee : The admission to Zouk KL are considered cheap in KL from as low as RM18 to RM48. Admission fee depends on the night and event.

    Age Limit: Only for party-goers 21 years old and above

    Dress code: club chic look; smart and casual.

    Car park: Finding a car parking is way harder especially during busy weekends as vehicles will swamped along Jalan Ampang creating massive jam but that is what the #1 club is all about. An open car park can be found opposite of Zouk Club.

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    surprise to see that even M'sia has a Zouk too

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    better than the sg one

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    good place...

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    it's a long time place



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