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    Son’s ex girlfriend

    Recently my son’s ex girlfriend from when they were teenagers recently starting texting me and we would chat from time to time and then we started texting each other more and more.

    One night she sent me a text and said she wanted to play a game and it was that we could ask any question that we wanted and we had to be completely honest with each other. now let me explain she is about 5’ 5" thin and you could tell that she had large tits and is a brunette.

    She started the game and it started out innocently enough and so were my questions, but then her questions became personal if you know what I mean favorite sexual position, cock size and what not, I became aroused and began to ask her some of the same questions.

    A few weeks later she asked for me to come over and help her move some items I showed up at her home and it was just her and I, I came in and she asked me to sit down and excused herself for a few minutes, about 5 minutes passed and she came out in a robe loosely tied around her waist and sat down next to me and I asked what she needed help moving and seductively she told me “I need to be be moved”…..she put her hand in between my legs where my cock had begun to swell and began to kiss me on my neck which caused my erection to grow to full mast and then began to unbuckle my belt and then unbuttoned my jeans and shoved her hand down my pants and whispered in my ear “do you want me suck your cock, I swallow too” at 45 and she is 23 all i could muster was shaking my head yes she slid off the couch and pulled my jeans and boxers down and shoved my fully erected cock down her throat like a porn star and she started bobbing up and down slowly and picked up the pace i grabbed her long brunette hair and held it like a gentleman while I began to feel the pressure in my cock grow needing too cum and I told her so and she said I don’t care I have wanted to do this to you since I was 18, shortly afterwards I arched my back and shot my load down her throat.

    Normally I go limp but I did not this time she stood up and undid her robe and let it fall to the floor and she was wearing thigh high white stockings and nothing else she had a beautiful body and those gorgeous 46DD tits of hers she crawled on my lap and whispered in my ear “eat my pussy” she crawled of and I got between her legs and began to lap like a thirsty dog and she writhed and wriggled while I was licking her pussy and darting my tounge in and out of her fuck box while she played with her tits and she began to clamp her thighs around my head and she came.

    She then crawled on the floor and we began to kiss and she asked me to fuck her and I told her I can’t I am married and she grabbed by cock and began to stroke it quickly my objections went away and she spread her legs and I got up and crawled in between them and put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and she grabbed my ass and pulled me in and I was balls deep in her pussy and I began with a fury to fuck her, god it felt so good her shaved pussy was so tight and she talked dirty almost like a porn star and I stopped briefly to ask her if she was on the pill before I busted my nut in her and she said she was and shortly thereafter I unloaded inside her, I still after cumming twice was still hard and she got on top in reverse cowgirl and lowered herself onto my cock and began to ride and talk dirty and told me “I have never been fucked like this before, you have a bigger cock than your son” we continued to fuck for at least another 30 minutes before I explained that I would have to go home, that was 3 weeks ago, since then we have fucked at least 8 times at my house in places my wife never would and at her house also.

    I almost feel guilty…almost!

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    Nice one...lol



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