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    No Strings Attached

    Last week I went to a bar that I frequent when I want “No Strings Attached” sex. It is largely frequented by people from out of town, so it is unlikely that I would run into someone I knew there. It is usually crowded, smoky, and noisy, and filled with men on their own, looking for adventure away from home. A lot of the girls that go in there are prostitutes, and the management knows that. The only rule is that you actually ply your trade elsewhere. The bartender knows me, knows that I don’t take money for the sex I offer, so, he cuts me some slack. I’ve offered him sex in return but he has always demurred.

    Anyway, this particular night, I had gone in after work. I figured that since the weather has turned somewhat cold and I was consequently wearing pantyhose, that I’d probably have to settle for just sucking a guy off that night. Might get to do two or three, if I could connect with a group of two or three guys. It was interesting because they would always vie for my attention, when if they played their cards right, they could all have me, and I didn’t care, it could be all in private or right in front of each other. Anyway, I ended up sitting at the bar, and although I was flashing a lot of leg, not getting much attention. I even managed to flash to a couple lucky guys the fact that I never wear panties under pantyhose, and prefer shear to the waist.

    Finally, a guy came over, and his opening remark was that I was having trouble finding a customer that night. He thought I was a whore. In fairness, I have accepted money for sex, but usually I just want some stranger to humiliate me, use me as his cum dump, and be on my way. Anyway, the banter went quietly back and forth, him saying that he could see I was a hooker, me saying I wasn’t. Him asking how much I wanted for various services, me saying it was free. We finally ended up in his hotel room. We didn’t even get undressed.

    We just about got in the door, and I dropped to my knees and started fishing in his pants for his cock. It wasn’t overly large, but I’m not a size queen, I just enjoy being used by men for sex, so I gulped and slurped his cock. I deep throated him, which wasn’t hard to do. He pumped his cock forcefully in and out of my mouth, which surprised me a bit, but I was liking the feeling of being used for his pleasure. When it came time for him to cum, I wanted him to cum in my mouth, to use me as his cum dump, but he had other ideas. I had my hand under my skirt rubbing my extremely wet pussy. He called me every filthy name in the book, which was turning me on, and then he pulled out of my mouth and shot his load of cum onto my upturned face. It wasn’t a huge load, but it was enough to ruin my makeup. I looked up at him, my face besmirched with his seed, and said I thought he would want to cum in my mouth. He got this really nasty look on his face and let go with another string of obscene insults.

    Then he said, “You want it in your mouth? Open up!” I knew he wasn’t going to cum that fast again, but I opened my mouth, looking up at him, still furiously rubbing my cunt. He hawked up and spit right into my mouth. It was disgusting! Then he told me to swallow it. As his spittle slid down my throat instead of his cum, my orgasm hit me like a freight train! Then he literally dragged me to the door and threw me into the hallway. I couldn’t help myself, I had another orgasm when his door slammed shut. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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    A good one!!



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