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    Penis Massage For Men

    Penis massage has been practised for many centuries by eastern and western cultures. It has been used to improve male libido and also to strengthen aging muscles and in some cases also has been used to prevent premature ejaculation. For many men penis massage also improves their blood circulation and contributes to better alertness and enhances vitality and vigour.

    It is recommended that you get good partner to perform the following massage for you. Your spouse is your best partner and erotic penis massage can be performed to foster closer relationships between you and your partner. It should be a give and take situation where you will massage your partner in return. Also it should be noted that ejaculation is not a necessary outcome and many men can receive a penis massage without having to ejaculate his precious sperm. Many men has found the massage itself to be very invigorating without having to ejaculate at the end of the session.

    The Preparation

    You should have just taken a bath and cleaned yourself before the beginning of the massage. Have some soothing massage oil e.g. ylang-ylang handy or some moisturizers to smoothen the hands of the masseuse. Make sure the room is cosy and cool so as not to let sweat interfere with the massage. Some relaxing music and dim candlelights will also do wonders

    The purpose of the penis massage is to ensure the receiver is at a very relaxed state. His partner will enjoy the pleasure of giving the massage while watching him surrender to the pleasures of the massage. Penis massage can also help men whom have experienced sexual negativity or trauma.

    Remember that the goal is not to achieve orgasm. A good penis massage involves massaging the shaft, the penis head, the testicles and also the g-spot. A good massage should bring the receiver as near to orgasm as possible and sometimes the receiver may also experience a few dry orgasms.

    An experience masseuse can bring a man to a few dry orgasms so that he experiences multiple orgasms without spilling his seed.

    The Prelude

    Start by gently rubbing his abdomen, chest and stomach. Make him feel relaxed as you gradually work lower into his pubic area. If you are very hairy in the lower region you might want to crop your pubic hair short so that the massage can reach deep into your skin. A cleanly shaved cock and testicles is much easier to massage than those covered with hair all over.

    Start to massage his pubic area without touching the penis. If the penis is already erect move it aside or use one hand to hold it down while the other massages his pubic area. Massaging the pubic region brings great pleasure to the receiver and many men have claimed it to be very invigorating. Many women also find rubbing through his pubic hair to be very erotic.

    While massaging the pubic region hold down the penis. You may feel the penis stir as you rub his pubic region as your man feels his libido increase as his sperm sac increases the production of sperm due to the stimulation from the massage.

    Massage his pubic region for half an hour or less. You can alternately caress his testicles or cup them with your fingers and feel the testicles stir within your hands.

    If his penis is already erect or half erect you might want to peel off his foreskin if he is uncircumcised to expose the cock head. Bear in mind that uncircumcised men have more sensitive cock heads which might make them more sensitive to your touch. If he is circumcised you need not worry too much about over exciting him as his cock head would have been more accustomed to outside contact.

    The Shaft and Cock Head Massage

    As with all exercises, be sure you are thoroughly warmed up and ready. Make sure that your penis is always completely limp and flaccid. If you do become erect during the exercise, stop for a moment and let the erection subside. This must be performed while limp because it is nearly impossible to stretch an erect penis.

    Stand up straight with the penis in the limp state. Gently grab the penis head with one hand and stretch out in front of you.

    Stretch the penis for 10 seconds and then slowly, using your thumb of your other hand, apply pressure on the top of the penis near the base. Move the thumb slowly down the penis still applying pressure until it reaches the head. This should take no longer than 10 seconds.

    Once this is completed move the thumb again across the top of the penis to the base again taking no longer than 10 seconds. This is classed as one repetition. This exercise should only be done by advanced users and is very effective. Do not use any lubrication because you will not be able to grab the head of the penis.

    Do not over stretch the penis, it is essential that you try the other stretching exercises first. This exercise requires extreme stretching and perhaps should be implemented just before having some days off. Take your time in progressing, being too adventurous could result in unwanted injury.

    The Testicles Massage

    Massaging the testicles is very relaxing for men. Although the testicles are not as sentive as the penis head or shaft it is still very erotic and very much an erogenous zone. Also massaging his testicles will improve blood flow and circulation to increase sperm production.

    Rub the testicles gently and squeeze it softly with your fingers. Men love it when you rub your fingers up and down their scrotum and also the region round the scrotum and the smooth area of skin between the sacs and the anus. Some men may be very hairy in this area and it helps if they are fully shaven although it is not necessary so if he keeps himself cleaned.

    The area between the scrotum and the anus is a highly erogenous area and he will feel highly aroused when you slide your finger along that area and around his anus. Lift up his scrotum and rub your finger up and down the line below his scrotum doun to his anus. The immense feeling he will experience will make him arch his groin upwards. Continue to rub his balls with one hand and keep his erect member down using the other hand.

    When massaging the testicles you can feel the veins inside the scrotum come alive as the testicles tighten when it is touched. This is perfectly normal and some testicles might even retract slightly inside as the man feels aroused by your touch. During actual intercourse the testicles usually retract deep inside before the man ejaculates.

    It is rare for a man to ejaculate during testicle massage but if he feels an urge to then stop the massage of rub your hands somewhere else e.g. his groin and pubic area.

    You can alternate between massaging his testicles with the penis so that he will feel a multitude of goodness engulfing him while bringing him towards orgasm.

    Try massaging his penis head and when he feels the urge to ejaculate massage his balls instead so that he will calm down. Repeat this over and over and you will be helping to bring him towards experiencing multiple orgasms.

    Happy Endings

    Some men can last a long time having their cock massage without having the urge to ejaculate. Mature men are more steady and can sustain long hours of massage without having to ejaculate. Younger men are more prone to ejaculate sooner and sometimes will plead with the masseuse to make them cum after a short massage.

    There is no rule that the receiver is not allowed to ejaculate during the penis massage. Usually the partner will give in to their demands and allow them to spill their seed. The trick is for the partner to delay for as long as possible so that the man enjoys a long massage session.

    In tantric exercises orgasms or ejaculation are not a welcomed result as a man loses his vitality and inner energy upon spilling his seed. If a man is capable of holding back his sperm he will have managed to keep his inner energy intact to resume his daily chores with vigour.

    A good penis massage enables the receiver to control his urge to ejaculate. There are many methods to delay ejaculation while bringing the receiver to the edge of orgasm. A good massage technique is to bring the receiver to the edge of orgasm and then pausing the massage so that the receiver be allowed to go into a relaxed state. The process is then repeated over and over and the receiver trains himself to hold off his ejaculation for as long as possible. With practice, some men can climax with a dry ejaculation without spilling his seed. By doing this the man will be able to maintain his erection for the next dry orgasm thereby achieving multiple dry orgasms during a single massage session. This type of massage is also recommended for men suffering from premature ejaculation.

    However to many men penis massage are a form of relaxation and many men find that orgasms and ejaculation releases their sexual energy and brings deep feelings of relaxation and bliss. It also enables them to bring their concentration back to their work at hand as unreleased sexual energy are similar to pent up sexual feelings which might disrupt their daily lives.

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    this is good to know



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