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    [Indonesia] Classic Terminal [email protected] Hotel Jakarta

    Jl. K.H. Samanhudi No. 43 - 45, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar,
    Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10710, Indonesia
    Phone:+62 21 3852000

    Another massage place that is basically a hotel is Terminal Classic Hotel. This is one of the known entertainment places in Jakarta and provides restaurant, spa, club, karaoke and the Classic Terminal services.

    Classic or CT is a mild, decent hang out club in Jakarta, according to some night life enthusiasts, but don't get them wrong, you can get all the night life facilities in here, club with dance floor (Bunker), girls, spa, karaoke live music and CT is famous especially for its Billiard pools in Jakarta, the other place is 'After Hours' in Lebak Bulus. Various girls, locals and foreign can be found here too, almost like "United Nation" kind of place, although not as famous and has less variety when compared with other clubs as Malio. Another good thing? It's cheaper than other places.

    How-to-get there:
    Just catch any BLUEBIRD or EXPRESS TAXI (Only take this 2 cabs service) from where you are....get in and tell the taxi driver or 'Supir' to take you to the classic hotel in Pasar baru...Usually most 'Supir' know this club very well and they know the locations and also the reason why you want to go to the club..But bare in mind that during the peak hours, you may well be stucked in the heavy traffic congestions...But if you just wanna get there quick, just take out a couple of 'thousands of Rupiah'..slipped it to the cab driver's shirt's pocket and tell him to take all the short-cuts that he know and just get there quick....He will give his very best to get you to your destination using all means of ways to get there....It's a matter of few thousands of Rupiahs.....Be generous to people in Jakarta....The will be 2X generous to you...

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    very popular place in jkt



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