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    Do You Like to Listen to Others Having Sex?

    Voyeurism is old news. Here comes ecouterism - for everyone that likes to listen to others having sex.

    Listen to others - About ecouterism

    Ecouterism is the same for the ear as voyeurism is for the eye. Voyeurs prefer to watch, while ecouterists prefer to listen to others having sex. They enjoys hearing the sexual act of other people or the narration of sexual adventures.

    This turns them on and arouses them more than sex itself. As many people do not know the secret desires of their partners, they have no idea that it turns them on, and they actually never think their partners might have special desires.

    There is no scientific literature on ecouterism. The only exceptions were sexologists Hinsie, Cambell and Podolsky who mentioned this sexual practice in their studies, but they did not provide any practical examples or devoted any special attention and depth to it.

    Maybe because being aroused by dirty stories is something completely normal and something which did not caught greater attention of experts. However, ecouterism is a completely another thing.

    Ecouterism is the need to listen to others having sex, and it represents the greatest and perhaps the only source of proper arousal. And that is exactly what Paul J. Gillette emphasises and presented in his book Sex Variants.

    Listen to others - About a man

    Gillette came across a young man who confided in him that he gets very much aroused when he can listen to others', including his girlfriend's real sex stories. He demanded from the girl to be very clear, use juicy expressions, and tell everything she did.

    The young man admitted the narration led him to the climax, and he experienced it by accident. He asked one of his friends if anything new was going on in her private life. When she told him that she had two lovers, he got a little curious about it, and then he realised that he had a strong erection and everything drove him wild.

    Gillette concluded that it was a sort of foreplay, and ecouterism cannot be considered a disorder, meaning that it is in fact less "dangerous" than voyeurism.

    Listen to others - About women

    While Gillette came across a lot of men who were turned on by being able to listen to others' and their girlfriend's sexual adventure stories, he did not find many women who would be aroused by the achievements of their men. With regard to that, women are clearly different because they see everything from a more jealous and emotional viewpoint.

    Likewise, Gillette did not manage to find anybody that would actually listen to others having sex, while under surveillance. The problem is, of course, that nobody will just admit it because they would reveal themselves and might be charged with a criminal offence. For effective listening, you would need hidden microphones, which are available to ordinary people, but the act is still questionable and probably criminal.

    Ecouterism is therefore a very poorly researched field of human sexuality, which is understandable because it is not a special sexual practice but foreplay which probably turns on many people. Moreover, according to Gillette, ecouterism is usually only a part of foreplay and it therefore does not include the signs of a disorder.

    Of course, if it does not turn into an obsession and the only condition to achieve sexual arousal.

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    Ha! I like!!

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    Its a kind of fetish



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