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    Obesity Is Linked to Infertility

    Obese men have sperm of lower quality. What are the reasons behind this?

    Researchers at the University of Aberdeen conducted a detailed study on the influence of obesity on the quality of sperm and the related infertility.

    The study included more than 2000 men whose partners had difficulties in conceiving. They were divided into four groups according to their body mass index. The researchers also took into account other factors which affect fertility, such as smoking, high alcohol use and age. The results were as follows: men with normal body mass index had better quality of sperm than those whose body mass index was above average.

    Sperm concentration remained unchanged in all the groups.

    How to improve the quality of your sperm?

    Dr. Gniyath Shayeb, who led the research, believes that obese men should first try to achieve an ideal body weight with a suitable diet and then try for a baby with their partners. He is convinced that adopting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular exercise will, in the vast majority of cases, lead to a normal body mass index, which will improve their fertility.

    According to the study, obese men are less fertile due to different hormone levels, overheating of the testicles caused by excessive fat in the area, or simply the lifestyle they lead. Other studies showed that excessive body weight damages sperm DNA, which causes infertility.

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    yea,time to go on a small diet and do some exercise

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    ya,time to go on diet a bit...



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