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    Men, it’s time to start shaving “down under”

    Without a doubt, women prefer “two smooth scoops of ice cream”, even though they taste the same. It’s about the tongue sliding smoothly on the soft skin without there being any resistance, meaning hair. Besides, it seems that the lack of hair helps greatly with the aesthetic quality of the male sexual organ. One of the reasons men say it’s good to depilate is the optical illusion which will make your cock seem longer. You can also use this method if you’re not happy with the appearance and size of your own penis.

    Choose the appropriate way to shave

    It might seem unnecessary giving advice about such intimate pars of the body. But because the cosmetic industry has been doing similar and much more creative things for women of all ages, it’s now time for some “fair play”. Men don’t have problems with too many choices, so you really can’t go wrong if you put a new and unused razor (this isn’t necessary if you’re careful) into your right hand, while you apply shaving foam (usually, traditional soap works wonderfully as well) with your left hand. The use of electric razors isn’t totally clear, but the small injuries are supposedly more frequent. It really all depends on how apt you are with this technologically advanced way of shaving. Still, you can look forward to greater smoothness of the skin with a wet shave.

    We advise that you avoid gels for shaving facial hair because their composition can have a very irritating effect on those lower areas. There are creams for the more sensitive areas. If you’re not convinced which these creams are, ask. If you’re a real enthusiast and you have an open mind, you can brighten up the monotony of everyday shopping and find out from a random female in a store. The uneasiness will soon be exchanged for a barrel of laughs on both sides.

    How to get the optimum results when shaving?

    Secondly, we suggest you take shaving one step at a time, meaning first the long hair and than the short because razors aren’t meant to handle such asymmetrical and difficult terrains as your two lovely “ice cream scoops”. This approach will save you from possible problems which reckless shaving brings with it. Think about your face, but also be aware that you have to be much more careful down there. After you finish shaving, rinse the area with water. You can also use a gel that doesn’t irritate your skin if you wish.

    It depends on you where you start shaving. We’ll just allow ourselves to suggest the direction of shaving. This should occur from the bottom to the top. This kind of shaving leads to the most elegant and refined skin, at least “to the touch”. If you can’t reach some spots, you’re of course forced to move your penis to the side. We leave shaving the crotch to you. Still, we have to remind you that it’s not god to do a poor job in this case.

    All of this is no good to you if you think only homosexuals depilate themselves. Shaving “down under” is also not an option if you’re firmly convinced that this is part of the female sexual ethics. Anyway, it’s best to ask your partner. She has the most important opinion on whether or not you’re equal when it comes to depilation as well. It’s very likely she’ll tell you a very straight answer.

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    It can feel quite itchy if the hair start growing



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