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    [SG] Aramsa Spa,The Garden Spa

    Hidden in the lush tropical sunlight, in the scenic Bishan Park II lies a spa unlike others. Aramsa Spa sits in a tranquil park, amidst canopied tress, foliages and acres of greenies. Fresh from bagging the “Best Spa Experience” award from the Singapore Tourism Board, the spa, which opened in late 2006, is set to soar even higher.

    Housed in 7500 sqm, the spa boasts a garden theme that blends beautifully within its surroundings which has a rich garden element. The spa reflects its lush surroundings with numerous open spaces, various garden themes as well as see through floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

    From the reception to the therapy rooms, a sense of surreal permeates, of being one with nature. Feast your eyes on the beautiful landscape and gardens, the brainchild of Nature Landscapes. The spa boasts more than 20,000 plants from over 200 species – a feat in itself and a testimony of its objective to create a nurturing and holistic approach to wellness. Traversing on the cobblestone paths to your assigned therapy room is nothing less than therapeutic. You will be greeted with carefully manicured gardens – bromeliad elliptical garden, fern garden, secret garden (ginger and herbs), scented garden and heliconia garden – each a feast for the eyes. Indeed, all your senses will be hyped up for the upcoming therapy.

    The therapy rooms are each of a good size with their own gardens. While each room is dressed in a similar manner, nonetheless, subtleties in terms of décor and lightings give a distinctive flavour to each room. The spa houses 14 rooms inclusive of 4 double suites, 3 premium suites and 5 standard suites. The 2 remaining suites are the Vichy shower suite as well as hydrotherapy suite. The Vichy shower, nicknamed the ‘rain dance', combines the therapeutic benefits of massage and water. Recommended for those with back injuries, this treatment “shoots” water onto you while you lay on a treatment bed, from the Vichy Shower heads above. The cascade of hot water, which is controlled by a computer panel, is pure heaven! The hydrobath comes equipped with colour therapy, recommended for those who want to remove unsightly cellulite.

    Pick from an array of treatments ranging from exfoliation, body wrap, water, face, eye and back therapy. Otherwise opt for the Garden Spa Packages. This includes the highly popular tropical Java Lulur, Botanical Energy, Mineral Infusion, Rain Dance and Lavender Drizzle to name a few.
    The Lavender Drizzle is highly recommended. The session starts with a foot wash, before adjourning to the treatment bed for an oil-prep followed by a lavender floral exfoliation. Then, it was off for a warm shower in the adjoining outdoor garden amidst the greeneries and nature. The secludedness of the shower facility which includes a sunken bathtub, designed to be hidden from prying eyes or high-rise building heightens my pleasure. Then, it was an hour of blissful Aramsa Touch massage.The therapy ends off with a relaxing facial, which will enhanced your overall therapeutic spa experience.

    Address : Aramsa - The Garden Spa (Bishan Park 2)
    1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 569931

    Contact: 64566556

    Opening hours:

    Mondays to Saturdays 10am - 9pm
    Sundays & Public Holidays 10am - 7pm

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    look like quite remote



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