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    Remember, the essence of sex is in your head!

    Why’s joint creativity also important to fire up your partner in the bedroom?

    Sex isn’t isolated from other aspects of life

    Many times, activities come to a halt because of disagreements between the partners in general in life. Juggling everyday duties, job, children and household chores simply takes all the time and there isn’t any left for spending quality time together with your partner. However, you still feel your needs every now and then, demanding all your attention. And then you feel when a close bond between you and your partner slowly disappears.

    What's changed

    What’s happened, what’s wrong, why are things not what they used to be, and do we love each other less? All those and other thoughts cross your mind. But try to think what’s so different than at the beginning?

    At the beginning, all your time and all your energy were dedicated to that one person – the object of your desire. Nothing mattered – what , what parties!? There were only the two of you. You took time and shut yourselves away from the whole world, even for a day or two.

    Sex is also a reflection of the situation in other areas of life, and if things aren’t going well there, it’s completely normal that the same situation will occur in the bedroom. The state is therefore normal, but is it also good? If it drives you to despair and you feel dissatisfied, that’s definitely not a good thing and it doesn’t have a on your life.

    How to create together?

    It used to be simple. Everything you did was exciting, funny, and it connected you – of course, with the help of increased levels of hormones. Joint creativity means that you’re dedicated and passionate in devoting your attention together to something and thus forge a bond between you and your partner. The bond is very important when it comes to sex life.

    With what do you forge the bond? You can decide to take up a sports activity together, or you can create artistic works together, or you can do household chores together, or you can carry out any other joint project that involves both of you. Anything you do, it should be clear that this is your time. If you manage to spend quality time together while you

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    Quite true...



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