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    The Most Popular Time To Have Sex

    If you want to have sex in the morning, you totally should because it’s awesome. If you want to wait until 3:30 in the morning to have sex, you totally should because it’s awesome. If you want to have a quickie on your lunch break, you totally should because…yeah you guessed it…IT’S AWESOME.

    Despite the fact that you should be having sex whenever you want, a new study has found that 7:37 pm on a Saturday is the most popular time for couples to have sex.

    Sex toy manufacturer Lovehoney surveyed 3,000 people and 44% of voters chose Saturday as the best day to have sex. Sunday came second with 24% and Friday came third with 22%.

    And while the time that people are most aroused tends to be 4:30 pm on a Saturday, there are apparently fewer opportunities to have sex in the early afternoon.

    Again, I have no idea why you would wait three hours if you want to have sex. What could you possibly be doing on a Saturday afternoon that’s more important than sex?

    Here’s an idea, rather than wait until 7:37 pm on Saturday, cancel your plans and have sex! The spontaneity might just be what your relationship needs considering you’ve been scheduling sex with your partner, which is not sexy.

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    i would weekend morning would be a good time



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