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    My Mathematics Teacher

    For the most of my high school experience I was fucking my mathematics teacher. The tension between us started when I would always ask questions and I was one of the top students in his class so he liked me anyways.

    One day I told him I didn’t understand a concept and was wondering if I could stay after class so he could show me. Once we were alone we went to town, but I don’t think he knew I was a virgin. We both enjoyed it so much that we continued to secretly fuck each other even when we wasn’t my math teacher anymore. But when I did still have him as a teacher, I would sit in the back of the class where no one saw me but him and I would tease the hell out of him. Sometimes I would grab my boobs, rub my own vagina, all while making intense eye contact. It was amazing watching him become sweaty and nervous knowing that he was going to pound me once the classroom was empty.

    After I graduated, I didn’t see him for years! Until it was parent-teacher night at my son’s school and I saw my old teacher. He was really old and wasn’t that attractive as before but while my son was talking to his friends I went to my old teacher and asked if he remembers me. He told me he hasn’t stopped thinking about me and I gave him a quick blowjob, a hug then said goodbye.

    My family moved so my son doesn’t go to the same school but I miss him.

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    Love this!



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