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    My Virginity Lost To My Aunt

    Let me introduce myself.I am Shibli studying in 2nd grade. I would like to share my experience.

    From earlier days itself I was staying in my grandpa’s home when ever I got vacations.Because I love that place.

    My grandpa has two wife one my grandma and other.Its happened with his 2nd wife’s daughter(my aunt).

    The story happened during my vacation at her house.My aunt’s husband left her 6 months after marriage.She was 27 when it happened.I used admire at her boobs and cleavage. She never noticed me.I used to masturbate thing of her.She was very open to me.And she never felt shyness toward me.She even used change her paijams in front of me.But I enjoyed those a lot.And one thing about her is she always phone other men she used to talk sex with them.

    It was my 12th std holidays after exam.I went to. My grandpa’s home.At that day all together where not in home went to marriage function .In the house it was me ,aunt and grandpa were in home.As usual grandpa slept @ 10.I used to sleep in my aunt's room down to her bed.And she started her phone sex chat. I was trying to hear it. The room window was open so I felt some fear and I said to her I am afraid.

    She told me to sleep her in bed as she is not shy to me.As we slept in bed.She is still continuing her phone chat.Unknowing my hand touched her boobs but she didn’t mind it.

    And after sometime she was phone chatting she was breathing deeply.So I know that she is in sex mood.So I knowingly touched her boobs but this time she had a simile to me.

    And she turn off her phone and came close to me.I was face to face with her .And now she put her legs over me.My cock is about 6.2 and 90degree by now. But I didn’t react.

    But our face were touching each other.Aunt asked me why am i so afraid. I replied that window was open and she went over to close the window.And asked me did i hear what she was talking about on phone. I said no and I asked, what were you talking and she told me i cannot understand as i am to young to.I told her i am already grown up. Then she tells me ,since i am already grown up ,she'll intro herself to me.Then she told "ooops" ,why am i putting my hands on there (looking at boobs)? She said, "i really needs your head over there." And now she moved a little upward. So now, her boobs were facing me. She then pressed her boobs on me. And i almost werent able to breath.

    After some minutes she just took my hands and placed them in her pussy.As it was my 1st time, I slowly moved my hand over her pussy. She was moaning ....aaahhh .. Aahhaah.... I try hard to insert my middle finger completely into her pussy but it was a little tight.

    Now I was completely fingering her and she was screaming in pain.Then she was kissing all over my face .Now we get up and we are in sitting position. She began to undress me and said to me, "You have indeed grown up." She took my penis and started sucking it deeply. And she was playing with my balls as well....she even bite my penis and ball a bit.

    After that she took my head placed it b/w her legs and tell me to lick her wet pussy hole. As my licking was not too hard .She forced my head towards pussy tightly. And she gripped me tightly with both legs and command me to lick harder. Her pussy was a bit hairy with pubic hair around.She ask me if that was disturbing me. I told "yes". Now she took a shaving blade and gave it to me and we went bathroom and told me to shave those hair off.

    After the shave, I could see the beauty of her pussy whole. And she told me that she was lazy to shave. And this will become my job from the day onward. Now she said she need to pee and she went to toilet bowl and pee there, She told me it was clean and ask me lick her pussy. Though I was a little shy, I still did as told.Then I told her I need to pee too. She told me to pee it to her mouth and she drank it all. And we are back to bedroom.I licked pussy again ,now harder. 5 mins later, I even tried to insert my penis head into her pussy which was not possible,but I licked it like a dog.

    After some time said i stopped and she made me lay on the bed. She tried slowly to inserted my penis into her pussy. We started to move each other and and she looks like she was in cloud9 .She was screaming and moving faster… and Faster. As I increased speed that was the first time for me to feel that masturbation is all different from fucking .After some time I told her i was about to cum, she immediately put my penis in her mouth and I cummed in a full load into her mouth.

    An hour pass, I was licking her all over the body again, even her eye. And I licked her asshole and she was face sitting with me .Now she is playing with my penis and squeezing it. She even inserted my nose to her pussy. This time round, I fucked her between those big boobs.We were enjoying the heat of our body till early morning without sleep. I cummed thrice that day . My 3 rounds of cumming does not reduce my attraction towards her. We start touching each other once again and go with our 4th shot.

    After a good experiment we felt shack like shit so we moved to toilet to have our shower together. Helping each other to clean up every inch of our body.

    Even after her marriage,we still spend our time together whenever possible. I really look forward for her husband to go abroad for his business trip so that I can explore her again.

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    Hahah...what a coincident,i also

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    tis is good!!

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    good one!!

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    nice read...



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