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    [China] Venice Spa - Gui Lin

    Venice spa leisure club is at the center of Guilin city center square on the 7th floor; it has a business area of more than 6,000 square meters and regarded as one of the top spa clubs in Guilin. it provides variety of leisurely items as wet steam, shower, body massage and foot massage, stereo cinema, single crystal lounge, snooker billiards, gym, chess room, bar, Internet Cafe and equipped with luxury restaurant and a separate space ship design sleeping area. The spa area divided into male and female. This will well protect your personal privacy.

    Address: 7th floor of Island Coffee Building, next to Guilin Center People Square
    Opening Hours: 24hrs
    Average Cost: RMB70-RMB200

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    This kind of club shld be able to stay for 24 hrs

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    Looks pretty good to me



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