I had a vivid dream about my married co-worker last night. (I’m married too.) I won’t get into details, but I just feel so horny and into this guy … and I have a real-life phone meeting with him in five hours. Awkward!

In real life: A few weeks ago we were at a conference together. I had never met him in person but we had worked on the phone together quite a lot. I had trained him in remotely and he had done some good work, so I admired him. He and I were working on a presentation together for this conference. There was also quite a bit of drinking at this conference as several of us got together in person for the first time in a while. I had a feeling as we started hanging out more that he might have a little bit of a crush on me, which immediately caused me to get a crush on him. We spent an entire afternoon in my hotel room flirting. It was intense and fun, but obviously we’re both married, so forget about it. I promptly forgot about it after the conference and went home to hubby and had some wild sex to make up for it.

In the dream: We were again at a conference or social function related to work. I think there was a pool? Anyway… You know how dreams are vague like that. The two of us were flirting just as we had in real life, but we were more attached at the hip and not hiding it - doing everything together at this conference in a way we couldn’t have in real life. He was really into me, which felt like the most natural thing. Someone commented, “Wow you guys seem really into each other.” I scoffed at them, “No! I love [Hubby]]. I’m just going to do this and go back to hubby.” Then Co-worker and I snuck off and had wild sex.

In real life: When I woke up I masturbated, reliving this dream in vivid mental detail. It was great. I have a phone meeting with this guy in six hours. Awkward! I don’t get where these things come from sometimes… my nether parts hadn’t given a crap about him in like a month!