When I was younger probably around 14 or so my younger cousin and her family came up to visit. I didn’t get to see her much as they lived far away but she had certainly matured and gotten way hot since I had seen her last. We went to some even and then out to eat with the family afterwards we were playfully flirting and what not but I wasn’t sure how far she would go. I knew she would be sleeping in my room that night so only time would tell.

That night we went to bed she laid on the floor for a couple of hours and woke me up saying it was uncomfortable and asked if she could sleep in my bed with me I said sure and she snuggled right up to me of course me being 14 this was like the first time this situation had ever happened so I immediately started getting excited and hard but was trying to hide it. Obviously it wasn’t working she knew turned away and pushed her ass right up against my hard cock I started to pull away and she reached back and pulled me into her then grabbed my hand and pulled it around to her tits. I groped her for a bit and she grinded her ass against my dick for a bit then she turned towards me took her shirt off and we started making out I sucked her nipples for a while then started eating her pussy. I knew this was so wrong but I was so turned on by it.

After a while she pulled me up sucked my dick and then we fucked probably 3 or 4 times that night. Next morning went as planned with family stuff nothing really happened and then on Sunday we all went to church our parents had something to do after so they dropped us off at the house and it was on again we fucked until right before they all got home.

We ended up fucking several more times throughout the years whenever we would all be together and the last time it happened we almost got caught I was on top of her fully clothed and she was too except her button up shirt was undone and I had my dick out titty fucking her and right as I came on her I heard my uncle come walking into the room. I dove down to the floor and she buried her head in the blanket like she was asleep. I’m not sure if he knew or not but if he did he never said a word.