Some men can?t ejaculate, while some come much too soon. Both of these categories are experiencing ejaculatory disorders. But why? And how to fix it?

The reasons for ejaculatory disorders are mostly psychological
If a man doesn?t end sexual intercourse with an ejaculation, or the squirting of his semen, it is a case of ejaculatory disorders, however not in his lower but his upper head. That one is the one to blame for ejaculatory disorders, which are mostly psychological, unless we?re talking about a very young boy who is not producing sperm yet, or an older man, who simply is getting too old. If a man does not ejaculate, he subjectively cannot even have an orgasm. Additional problems are caused by sperm which gathers in the testicles, which is definitely not healthy and can even become painful over time. As we have mentioned before, the reasons are hiding in the male psyche, which stops the ejaculation from happening in one way or another. Such a man can have emotional problems in his partnership, he can suffer from depression, he can lack self-confidence ? there can be a number of reasons. Until you discover the real one, with the help of a psychotherapist, of course, he will remain plagued by one or the other of the ejaculatory disorders. The inability to ejaculate can also stem from the fear of premature ejaculation, where the man is so very worried that he will come too early that he even loses his erection.

Other ejaculatory disorders laid out
There are four basic types of ejaculatory disorders:
- The ejaculation occurs even before the penis gets hard, meaning that the ejaculation occurs before an erection. Such a man is incapable of successful intercourse because everything is over before it has even started.

- The ejaculation happens at the moment of erection. Things are soon over here as well because there is no penetration. When the penis becomes hard, ejaculation is immediate.

- The ejaculation happens a second after the penis enters the vagina. Penetration does occur, but it?s over very soon, which can be especially unpleasant for a woman who is undoubtedly disappointed.

- And there is the opposite phenomenon: A man has an ejaculation, but doesn?t feel the orgasm as he should. The ejaculation is there, but there?s no gratification. Female readers may find this unusual, but men with this problem get no physical joy or satisfaction out of sex.

Solutions for getting rid of ejaculatory disorders
When we?re talking about serious psychological conditions, it is natural that only a doctor can help. This can be a psychotherapist or a sexologist, and the partner of the man plagued by ejaculatory disorders must also come to the session because the problems stem from emotional difficulties in their relationship. The lack of ejaculation is definitely a more serious problem than so-called premature ejaculation, which can be gotten rid of with exercise.