? With a relaxing massage eliminate contractures and muscle pain caused by poor posture, stress or other factors.

? Increases and improves blood circulation throughout the body, bringing more oxygen to our organs and tissues. Promotes overall health.

? By removing dead cells and expel toxins, our skin gets more smooth and beautiful.

? Maintain a deep breath and slowed down. This is good for both our body to our mind. Increase body oxygen level while leaving behind a feeling of anxiety.

? We reach a state of relaxation that helps reduce friction and felt happier.

? Increase our mood. After removing the bad vibrations of our body caused by the day, relax, slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, we are much more animated.

? Detoxify our body. The use of oils and low pressure fluid used by a therapist kneading body, helping to eliminate toxins pollutants.

Finally ?

To these seven benefits you sure do not know of erotic massage, we could add one more: enjoy a good night?s sleep. After your Dubai Massage, you?re going to end so relaxed that you will be able to sleep 10 hours and wake up this completely renovated.