Apart from words of praise, some men can do better things with their mouth. And women love it. Before you embark on the journey to the land down under, you might want to know some dos and don'ts for the act.

Woman loves man who believe in equality, both in life and bed. If a man desires his woman to perform oral sex, so does a woman. In reality, most of the men have failed to make women reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse. An average man can maintain genital thrusting for two minutes or so before he ejaculates but an average woman needs fifteen minutes or more of consistent clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. This explains why a tongue works better. Oral sex performed on woman, also known as cunnilingus, is often practice during foreplay. If you have not travel to the uncharted waters, here are some lowdown on this job for your man.

It is not 100% free from STD

There are definitely health risks when cunnilingus is concerned. Direct contact with a second party's body fluids will create an avenue for virus to spread. Compared to vaginal intercourse, the risk of contracting STD through cunnilingus is relatively lower as saliva forms a barrier against infection. But to further safeguard yourself, try using dental dam. Though it cuts down on the sensation and might be a major turn-off for some of us, heath comes first! Also ensure your partner does not have any open sores, bleeding gums or cuts in his mouth.

Be considerate

Keeping your vagina healthy and odour-free is the first step towards an enjoyable session. No man wish to go down on his partner and find it unbearable. Daily cleansing is crucial and this is beneficial for your health too. A healthy vagina should have a pH level of 3.8 to 4.5. Normal soap and body foam have a pH level of 5.5 or more, making it unsuitable for the v-zone. A daily feminine wash provides necessary care, prevents infections and keeps the scent neutral. Make this part of your daily habit.

Some men might not like to "beat around the bush" during an intimate session. Find out more about your partner's preference and trim your bush if necessary. There is an abundance of stripping salons in town and we are sure there is one that can cater to your needs. A great Brazilian wax can make you feel sexier instantly too!

Lead your man

If you have a man who is a tad shy, be the leader instead. Ian Kerner, sexuality counsellor and New York Times best-selling author of "She Comes First" suggests that you could tell your partner about a sexy dream you had about him. When he asks you what was it about, be sure to include some cunnilingus action in the description. This will give him a good excuse to be adventurous and explore the off-beaten track.

Be part of the game

As you know, women require a longer time to reach orgasm. To have your man down there for a good fifteen minutes or so is not all pleasant(his mouth might get cramps). Don't lie down like a dead fish admiring the hanging lamp above you. Be a part of the game by tousling his hair gently or use your feet to fondle his body. This is to show response and indicate your level of enjoyment.