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    How to Improve Semen Quality and Health

    The article offers advice on how to improve the quality of semen and keep your semen healthy.

    How do you determine semen quality?
    Semen is tested according to three parameters. The first parameter is the number of sperm cells in 2 cm to 3cm of semen. A man has 35 million sperm cells on average. If the number falls below 20 millions, this may affect his fertility. The next test determines how many sperm cells are normally mobile. Namely, sperm cells are exposed to mechanical damage, for example too much heat and other factors. They can also be damaged when traveling from the testicles and through the vas deferens and penis. If they are around 50% mobile, then you are fertile. The third test determines the shape of sperm cells, i.e. if they have a standard shape. A standard shape means a strong and healthy structure that enables a sperm cell to travel to eggs in the easiest and most effective way. A man has around 14% such sperm cells; however, their number decreases with age, approximately 6% per decade.

    How do you maintain health and fertility of your semen?
    Avoid wearing underwear and other clothes that are too tight. The first important problem is heat. Tight trousers, cheap and artificial materials, tight underwear, sitting for long periods, crossed legs, heated seats, and laptops on your knees, create an unpleasant environment that has a long-lasting effect on the development of your sperm cells. Forget fashion. Your fertility requires wide clothes, natural and quality materials that ensure good air flow. Even if boxer shorts aren?t very erotic, your sperm cells will be grateful to you if you wear them.
    Weather affects the number of sperm cells, especially in terms of temperature. Places that are too hot or cold are problematic. Naturally, nobody is expected to move house because of the number of sperm cells, but you can adapt your life so as to ensure optimal conditions for their development. You have to wear very loose and airy clothes in places with a hot climate and in a cold climate, you have to make sure that your not overdressed. Instead, take off a piece or two to ensure a constant temperature, particularly at home. Alcohol should be more an exception than a rule. All kinds of alcohol, opiates, narcotics and steroids have a strong effect on the health of your sperm cells, let alone the destructive effect on your life in general. Quit smoking. It is a proven fact that smoking reduces the number of sperm cells and causes erectile dysfunction. A study conducted at University of New Orleans was just one of the studies examining the connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction. The study, which included 4,764 men aged 47 on average, produced the following results: Men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are 60% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, compared to men who never smoked. 15% of smokers and former smokers already had problems with erection. Men who are smokers or used to smoke are 30% more likely to have problems with erection. 12% of men who never smoked have problems with erection.

    Simple tips for semen quality
    Don?t accumulate semen
    Semen accumulates in the testicles and after a certain period it?s released, which is mostly caused by ?wet dreams?, particularly in youth. The body therefore makes sure that the accumulated semen is released. You can help yourself by masturbating regularly or having sex, which maintains your semen at an optimal level and ensures that the ?stale? semen is released. On the other hand, you shouldn?t exaggerate because you can harm the development of your best sperm cells if ejaculation is too frequent. It is advisable to masturbate once a day or once every two days.

    Don?t seat on heated car sits
    German scientists studied 30 men by taking the temperature of their testicles after a 90-minute period of sitting in a car. The temperature of those who were sitting in heated seats was approximately 37.3 ?C, which is higher that the temperature of those who were sitting in ordinary, cold and unheated seats. The latter reached 36.7 ?C; however, even such a small increase can be linked to reduced fertility in men. The reason why testicles are located outside the body is that they require a low temperature to produce sperm.

    Healthy diet
    Sperm cells are like professional sportsmen. They must have the best possible ingredients, and in the right proportions, to achieve the maximum effect. The best way is to have a healthy diet. Better you?ll feel, better sperm you?ll have.

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