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    How to Make Him Fall In Love with You

    Men are demanding creatures so if you want to make him fall in love with you, read the following advice.

    Maybe you think that it is enough to show a bit of skin and your dream man will unconditionally fall in love with you. But that's not true, as you have probably already noticed. Men also need a bit of courtship and attention, so learn the following skills and they will surely help you to find love and happiness. Learn how to conquer his heart!

    Be interesting and special!
    You have surely already set your eyes upon a man that you want to fall in love with you. But to make it happen, you first have to get his attention. This means that you have to be something special , but not in a negative sense. When you enter the room, it would be of course ideal for all the people present to suddenly go quiet and stare at you. But this (probably) happens only in movies so you will have to take a different path. The best strategy is to remain mysterious and hard to get when talking to your dream man. So, don't answer his questions directly but rather ambiguously. That doesn't mean you should lie and make up things that are not true.

    The first date should be exciting
    A courageous and confident woman makes a big impression on a man, so don't hesitate and ask him on a date. Men love excitement and action and they will surely be excited if you show a bit of adventurous spirit. Why not suggest rafting or hot air balloning for your first date and he will surely admire you. Adrenalin triggers the feelings of comfort and because you will be also present, he will associate these feelings with you. Of course men simply adore women who can compete with them in even the most 'manly' activities. And he will be even more thrilled to show off his skills in front of you, while you praise him.

    Do clothes really make the woman?
    Even though you will be wearing sporty clothes on your first date, that doesn't mean that you can afford to wear large sweatpants and muddy sneakers. You can be sexy and seductive also when you're sweaty and you can also find sexy sports clothes nowadays. Beautiful hair are always a must, as well as clean nails and beautiful skin. When he takes you on a romantic dinner, you can use all of your charms and take his breath away with a very sexy and feminine dress and high heels. Even though some claim otherwise, men simply love high heels and dresses.

    Be confident and attentive
    Even though it's been months and your sexual life has been limited to playing with a vibrator, don't let him see you're desperate. Men can almost smell despair and they don't like. Be confident, but not so much that you would want to be in the center of attention all the time. Men appreciate it if a woman knows how to listen. Don't explain about the problems you have with your co-workers or about your best friend's wedding, but let him talk, listen carefully and look him into the eyes. You will be surprised what impression a woman who is a good listener makes on man.

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