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Thread: FR's Corner

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    FR's Corner

    This thread is created for all cheongster to share their own experience of session with Thai FLs.
    The purpose is to let every cheongster able to gain good references from others already experienced and recommendations here before taking any action,
    Please support just by sharing your sexperience here...

    Cheongster Never Die

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    Had a session with Donna under a new stable Reds Addiction.Located in Town area with cozy room provided for session and overall I'm satisfied with the place as it's clean and comfortable .
    Donna Stats attracted me as her boobs stated 38C and for thai FL it's really damn rare to have such busty boob FL.Sms okt and request for a slot, prompt and fast reply but Unexpected that Bro Bob take initiatives to ring me up instead of continuing sms me for this arrangement, Friendly and patiently answering all of my questions before asking of my requirements, He even Guarantee me that Donna boobs is 100% natural and even more biggest than 38C. Damn it, Straight away on him for the earliest slot and went down to the location, follow the instruction and found the place without any difficulties.

    My personal review after session for,
    Model: Donna
    Stable: Reds Addiction
    Age: 21 years old
    Looks: Sweet looking lady and her huge milk make her become so seductive that I can't get my eyes off on it.. Real person is 80% similar compare with the pics.
    Body: Short and Petite size with 100% natural pair of 38 C boobs,mid fair skin tone with tattoos at couple of place and also scar at left upper arm.
    Frenching: Yes . Shy type and once she is horny she start to french like no tomorrow. Passionate!
    Fingering: Allowed and is wet and tight.
    Bbbj: Nice suction and tongue twirling around head and she love sucking my balls..even manage to get from her breast job during it and the feeling was really damn gorgeous!!!
    CIM: Yes!!! all inside her mouth after 10 mins of maraton BBBJ.
    AJ: NA
    FJ: Tight and warm pussy. Her 38C boobs are a beautiful sight during FJ especially during missionary, her expression and moan plus her pair of 38C boobs causes me to cum fast than normal. Change into Spoon, Lazy doggy Lotus and cowgirls throughout the session and lastly unloaded the last shot during Cowgirl while I squeezing her boobs none stop .
    Massage: Acceptable type of massage after session from her and her pair of boobs still appearing in my mind and I think i get addicted on it.
    Overall/GFE:A enjoyable and satisfied session with Donna and also good experience with Reds Addiction.
    RTF: Yes! As I'm Desperate for Lady always!

    Thank bro Bob for the assist by prompt and fast reply in order to fix for me such a wonderful session with Donna and will be back to support again!.

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    Hope to my 1st legendary FR here soon.

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    After a memorable session with Donna under Reds Addiction which nearly a month ago and I keep my promise and back to support them again and this time round choose to support another of their afflicted stable under the same management mentioned by broBob which is Reds Obsession. Location wise also in Town area and cozy room provided for session as usual. This time round back to support so didn't do any homework before booking so just sms in and request for a recommendation slot , Friendly and patient BroBob ring me up again after receiving my text and without failed we chit chat awhile before get him to recommend me a babe for this visit as my requirements and expects he do know already so save up lots of time!!haha..Well He highly recommend me Hannah for this visit nevertheless I confirmed slot with him with no doubt and hesitate due to the previous visit gotten good service from them. keep up the good job dude! This time round BroBob didn't disappoint me and once again I enjoyed and Sextified with the session.

    My personal review after session for,
    Model: Hannah
    Stable: Reds Obsession
    Age: 22 years old
    Looks: Seducing looking lady with slim and curvy figure make her look gorgeous. Real person is 90% similar compare with the pics.
    Body: Tall and Sexy curvy figure with fair skin tone, without any tattoo nor scar.
    Frenching: Yes . Commando type and unstoppable throughout the whole session.
    Fingering: Allowed and wild wild wet and trimmed.
    Bbbj: She know how to blow my little bro well, Hardcore suction throughout sound was slurp slurp slurp sucking it,twirling and licking and almost misfired..
    CIM: NO!!! sad she don't do CIM or else would be PERFECT!
    FJ: WET pussy. Good GFE throughout the session and make me feel like she is more like my mistress then FL. Foreplay of her already make me stop her during half way and start screwing her hard and deep! Her expression plus her moan was enjoyable. First shot ended after standing doggy and missionary and I already sweat and damn shag. Went together to have a wash up and i lay flat in bed while she start to tackle me again with a really sensation catbath, Her tongue don't know how to describe. Just try it u will know! Very fast turn into hard battle mode and ready for second round but this time round she say she will do all the job till i cummed..OMG.. Proceed up on me and start riding me from slow to fast. The best cowgirls so far i get after from so many FL i bonk. Start to get my hand on her boobs, squeezing and we french till i cummed after a 15 mins ride from her. She drop dead into me and hugged me tight and keep on kissing my cheek.
    Massage: No time for this as time was just nice after i ended my second shot.
    Overall/GFE: Another enjoyable and satisfied session with highly recommendation model Hannah, A wonderful virgin experience visit to Reds Obsession.
    RTF: Yes! As I'm Desperate for Lady always!

    Thank bro Bob for the recommendation in order to fix for me a great session with Hannah for this visit. Support you all the way bro!!! .

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpns View Post
    Hope to my 1st legendary FR here soon.
    Glad to see BroWPNS patron our forum and looking forward to see you post all your good bonking experience and shared with all bros out here. Cheers!

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    Had a wonderful session with Isabelle under RedsAgenda on her first trip in SG.

    My Humble Review for,

    Stable: RedsAgenda
    Age:20 years old
    Looks: Sweet and friendly lady which take initiatives throughout the session.
    Body: Slim and tall with a pair of long legs.
    Boobs: Soft B boobs which is not too big nor small for her size!
    Frenching: Passionate!
    Fingering: Tight and wet.
    Bbbj: Hardworking with good suction. Keep eye contacting while sucking and licking.
    FJ: Accommodating and service oriented with her good attitude throughout session!
    Overall/GFE:A worth time and money spent session with her!
    RTF: Yes!

    Thank broRA for the assist by prompt and fast reply for the arrangement. Must keep on bringing in more such good gems for us and will become your regular for sure!!!!!

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    Booked Ice last week during one of my off day and promise to write her a review after session so i registered but due was busy with work so here comes my late review.

    Was feeling horny so sms browse through forum and Ice under RedsAgenda catches my eye as she is my cup of tea always looking for babe like her!! sms in and request for a earlier slot with her and Okt fix it for me with prompt and fast reply with clear instruction.When Reached the destination he stated, text him and inform him, within a mins i received his final instruction which is the golden number and went up straight. Easy to locate and most importantly room is cozy and clean.

    I was greeted by Ice with he slutty smile and she is indeed prettier in person than her pics. I suggested and feedback to broRa about this and he promise and told me already in progress for this issue..Bro faster change leh sure will get her much more customers compare to right now!!! She then showered me as usual with some tcss in the bathroom. Nothing much to shout about quite SOP, By the way she able to speak some simple and decent english so bros out there don't worry about communication barrier!

    I shall move to points below as I think its the most crucial in most FRs

    Ratings below
    Looks - 9/10 (Pretty and young but not fair enough for me)
    Body - 8/10 (proportional to me at least)
    Boobs - 8/10 (soft and natural no artificial addings or MSG)
    Pussy - 9/10 (no smell)
    BBBJ - 9/10 (Good Good and wet)
    CatBath - 8/10
    Fingering - Yes
    Painting - Didn't try
    FJ - 9/10 (Quite a good rider)
    GFE - 10/10 (Warm and accomodating - true gf feeling)
    RTF - Confirm 101%

    Thanks bro Ra for arranging her for me, one of the good OKT among stables which i visited before... Thanks broRa!!! Remember hor... change pic or add another pic of her!!!! hehe!!!

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    Firstly i have to kamxsia Bro Redsobsession for the arrangement for me with Irene. Tks.

    First time trying this stable and also going to an apartment instead of hotel for session make my return bonk so excited.
    Gotten ## then dingdong,greeted with a sweet looking girl with a warm welcome.
    Irene is a very bubbly gal with lots of smiles.She's either smiling or giggling on any moment.
    Breaking the ice with her is a breeze cuz of her smiles and command of english.
    She's a no rush gal with all out to please u attitude. She'll accomodate to anything u ask her to (that's what on for me).
    When she catbathing me,she treated me like tracing paper.Like i'll break anything.Her touches r so light and sensous that really makes u want more.
    She'll always look into ur eyes whenever possible.Imagine we catbath each other for almost 20mins.Really like making out during teenage times.
    Boy ur BBBJ is POWER!!!Wanted to 69 but can't tahan after few minutes then capped for action.
    Missionary,Deckchair,few moew positions then finally doggie and i was spent. Her moaning is not 5.1 but a nice 2.1 with occational boost when u hit her spot or go deep.
    Everything went on non-stop and time passed so fast that no time for 2nd so shower time.
    She scrubed me a little and kisses every now n then making the feeling more intimate.

    Looks: 9/10 - look same as pic damn fair and white and like how bro bluetrue mention japanese look!
    Body: 8.5/10 - Really soft and smooth skin
    Tattoo: Fairy and some stars tattoo
    Attitude: 10/10-Hardworking, Willing to please!!No Communication Barrier good command in english.
    Shower: 8/10- Clean me throughly
    Bbbj: 8.5/10 , Wet and Deep!!!
    Fj: 9/10 , Accomodating girl Anything u want she let u get it and tight
    Gfe:20/10 (Eye contact,whispering,kisses,hugs,......)
    Cim: Nah
    Rtf: For Sure and going to try your other babes out soon!

    Thank bro for the arrangement and will be back again soon!!!

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    Firstly i have to thanks Bro Reds for the invitation for Ida third blood slot for her first day of arrival. Kamxia Kamxia the most steady Okt i ever met! :sohappy:
    Alright with the time slot offer by bro Reds so CONFIRMED ON SLOT LAH! Reached the same location and text him, gotten the instruction went straight up to her room without wasting any more time.

    This FR is base on my own experience after the session with Ida as might be subjective to each and every individual.

    Looks: 8.5/10 85% resemble to pic. Real GFE look & very cute & sexy SYT & friendly & warm.......in receiving the customer.....with a hug & smile etc..

    Body: 8.5/10-Slim and hour glass figure little girl..nicely proportioned

    Boobs: 8/10 - original & not for boobs lovers.

    Shower: 8/10 SOP

    Frenching: 8.5/10 as much as you want...she enjoyed the licking & said she cum once.......during my licking!!!.

    Fingering:8.5/10 Tight and wet easily.

    BBBJ:9/10 really give you a damn good job & very professional.

    FJ: 9/10 Didn't need diffferent position to be satisfied. She's good at riding cowgirl. 2nd round she rides me at her best,with natural moan and closed eyes and goes on continue pump and shake like doing belly dancing on top of you. I'm thinking to finish it with doggy but the current position is so comfortable and feel so great so I just forget about changing position. Finally I cum my 2nd shot but instead of stopping, she rides more intense and shake wilder until she cums!(I feel heavenly for that long orgasm). After her loud moan, we dis-engage and she almost fell on the floor because her body is still shaking a bit (and also me). Then we went to shower together then dressed up as time up!!! so sad, however she hug and kiss me before I left.

    CIM: N.A

    Attitude: BEST of so many FLs i bonk before!

    GFE: good cuddling before and after 1st round. She serve me water once in a while.we chitchat about anything under the sun. Her english is not bad... understandable for me..she almost never stopped talking to me the whole time (only stops when riding).:evillaugh::evillaugh::evillaugh:

    RTF: Yes of course and this a MUST!

    Above are the good sides, no need to bother about the bad ones... anyway the value I received is more than the price charged... I had a great time with her.
    Really appreciate and thank to bro Reds for the offer me the 3rd blood session with Ida. She is really a good gems, Bro out there do take good care of her as i am coming back for her soon!
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    Just Try Iris under RedsAddiction a few days ago, Just purely sharing my own experience with her

    Iris is a SYT, I mean, real SYT and very pretty. I knew I am in for a good bonk right then. Iris is very cute and talking to her is a pleasure. We chit chat quite a bit and then started stripping each other up with passionate kisses all the way. Iris's boobs were nice and sensitive, I had a great tie licking and sucking her boobs.
    I Shall not go into details about the session as you should try her out as she is worth every penny spend!!!

    Rating for Iris,

    Looks: 8.5/10 She looks prettier in person than Live Photo

    Body: 8/10 really good figure, meaty at right place with hour glass figure

    Boobs: 9/10 (At least C-Cup. Soft and real)

    BBBJ: 9/10 (i really like her BBBJ, 1st time CIM)

    CIM: 10/10 ( Cummed all inside her mouth)

    Frenching: 10/10 (Super passionate and will not reject)

    Fingering: 10/10 (No complain when I fingered her, she loves it. Super Wet Wet Wet)

    FJ: 10/10 (Very accommodating, no complain, tried few position and finally off load)

    Massage: 10/10 ( Very skillful thai massage, damn shiok man )

    RTF: Confirmed! (when i get my M&M + Vitamin)

    Thanks BroReds for the arrangement!!!



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