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Thread: FR's Corner

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    Had a session with Heather yesterday.

    First impression of her was a sweet looking and cute tall girl with a beautiful smile.

    I was feeling a little nervous after entering the room as this is my 2nd time engaging in FL service. But she made feel more comfortable when she started sitting on my lap, smiling to me sweetly and "sayang" my face with her fingers as if I am a little boy.

    She also gave a light kiss on my cheek and placed my palm on her beautiful soft breasts. After some light squeezing of her breasts, she took off my shirt and started licking my nipples which made me damn horny.

    Anyway here is my summarize rating for her.

    Looks: 8.5/10 - Sweet Looking with nice tall features and definitely look better in real person than the photos.

    Catbath: 9/10 - Damn SHIOK ! Gave a good and long licking/sucking on my nipples, balls and thigh area.

    BBBJ: 8/10
    - Hardworking with good suction with no teeth contact feeling.

    FJ: 8/10 - Responsive, tight and accommodating.

    GFE/Attitude: 9/10 - Though she is young and green in this trade but she has got very nice attitude and serve with a heart, the whole process was very fun loving as we will tease each other like boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Why not?

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    Just came back from 90mins of happy time and my mind is still picturing her image and actions in my head. Promised Felicia to write a FR for her so sign up and wrote for her this report. After exchanging a few messages with bro RedsAgenda, I decided to settle for her.

    First impression is that Felicia is a very polite and sweet girl, the type that you will want to bring home to let your parents see that type of girl. She offered me water and help me with my heavy bag. After I took off my shoes, she also tucked my shoes neatly in one corner. She is really sweet, help me with undressing myself as well. It is kind of awkward for me to be naked only so I started to help her undress, she let me do it and as I was feeling for her bra hook, she lock her lips onto mine and the frenching starts. We started exploring each other as if we were long lost lovers. Then like as if we know what each other wanted to do, we lock our lips and move towards the shower.

    The shower is rather standard, but the silence and CFM look and touching and occasionally kissing heats up the bathroom. After drying up, we started to french from the bathroom area all the way to the bed. On the bed, she gave me a good and long french while i return her a with good massage on her boobs and fingering her is making her moan while kissing. She is pretty easy to get wet, only for a while of fingering she is all wet and ready, but she headed south. Giving me a solid BBBJ with lots of tongue action. I love her BBBJ but I have to stop it, pressure is building up too fast. She seems to understand and grab a CD and caps me up and started cowgirl. My penis enter without resistance, that is how wet she was. Her moanings were also super sexy, you got to hear it for yourself.

    Just in cowgirl, even though she was so wet, I still felt the pressure building, so I quickly change to missionary As I was pumping, she suddenly say she cumming, so I try to hold on for a bit longer and soon, both of us let out a moaning sounds "Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~" together and I drop onto her and french her.

    At this moment, her face was red and there were lots of juice on the bed as well. We both rested for a while, then started kissing again. I can see her enjoying the session as well as me. As she continues to give me a BBBJ, I requested CIM and nods to me with my little brother's head still in her mouth. The slow and sensual, tongue action and suction, the moanings and her CFM look is something that is still in my mind right now. She continues until I cannot tahan and and she takes in the load and sucking till my little brother is totally dry.

    Went to wash up together as time up,then help me to dress up and getting prepare to leave. Recalling the nice feeling of her kissing me on my cheek before I leave. I totally want her as my GF or maybe a mistress, thinking of that already made me full of fantasy. But sad to say my paycheck is not that thick enough to get a mistress. Therefore can only think of it.

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    Had an great session with Goldie.
    Well, She didn't disappoint me for trusting broBob recommedation as She sextisfied me and make me an happy man after session.

    Actually wanted to go for Ida, but sad to say not available at the timing that i could make it. so i opt to go for Goldie instead since bro bob highly recommend me and he said she was also one of his most hottest babe right now. usually i prefer gal who looks decent and present themself well.If with good service and solid BBBJ skills that will make it almost flawless. If you have the same interest as me than Goldie is the girl you definitely will not want to miss.

    Although she does not have big boobs but that is not the most important factor for me.Anyway think she have pair of B cup
    On top of that, i really doubt wad her mouth is made of...

    Turbo engine attached to it ? or maybe She add Super Glue to it. Once She POP onto your dick She will never Stop.If you even want to stop believe me Dun Ever think of trying to StOP her. Whats the point? when you cant even. just enjoy this AMAZING SENSATIONAL Feeling she is giving it to you.

    It might sounds crazy to you guys but thats what i am getting from her. Not to even mention SOLID BBBJ skills COME with STEREO effects of Moaning, Combined with the movement of her hips when you are thrusting your penis deep inside her. What you actually get. is just the lost of your control and nothing but surrendering your sperm to her.

    After all your tiredness when you just wanted to rest. She will give you a final blow. A nice relaxing massage that makes you regain all your power before you left.

    Lastly a big thank to Bro Bob for the recommendation and arrangement.

    Look : 8/10 Look 90% compare to pic posted! Great features. nice looks.
    BBBJ : 8.5/10 powerful suction and licking of the shaft i like that
    Frenching : YES
    Fingering : YES
    FJ : 9/10 She nearly killed me!!! It wasn't just the energy she put into it... she has a way of bending her body into just the right position, or hooking her legs around you to get a better grip. Hold on for the ride of your lives boys!!
    Attitude : 10/10 attentive and caring friendly and service orientated....treat you like sir...
    RTF: YES!

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    Thank bro Red for the intro of newly arrived model Jenny for me. Here is my personal experience with Jenny which i had a few couple hours ago. Thank for the arrangement.

    Reached to the location and Knocked at the door and after a while Jenny open the door. Lead me to the room and sat on the bed. Her English is quite okay at least for me i dun have much problem communicating with her.

    Her look is pretty and smile is very sweet. Her skin tone is rather fair too. Jenny then helped me to undress, after that, she frenched me like long lost boyfriend. my little bro can't take it. Feeling horny and my erection is making my pants uncomfortable.

    Cant withstand this kind of gf feeling and straight way hug her and auto roam her. We proceed to the shower where she got down and give it a blow and slowly slowly sucking.

    She proceed to lick my balls. It was slow and no rush which I like best. While she bbbj me, she would look at me and the feeling was heavenly. I like the way Jenny looked at me while bj as it gave me an exciting feeling.

    Dry ourselves up we brought the action to the bed.On my way there our lips were locked tight with her hands caressing my dick whole my hands playing with her big melon.On the bed we did a 69. You couldn't say in words but you try it.

    I proceeded to fuck in missionary and she moans loudly and sharply. Bend forward and i start to lick her pointed nipples. We than changed to doogie position where i couldn't stand it and unload inside her(of course with the condom). From what i see She is a fucking and horny girl.I love it. While laying on bed, she came and cuddle with me like girl friend. Hmm, the gf experience is rather strong for the first session with her.

    Jenny then asked to if I wanted a massage and I replied "Sure why not".

    Hmm, after massaging for me with her skillful. Her hand was very soft and her massage was relaxing and enjoying. her skills was those traditional thai massage. Crack my bones here and there.

    For the 2nd round session, she started off with giving me a good bbbj again and when it fully erects. She sat on top and give me good ride. Think she likes to ride more as i see from her expression she seems to enjoy and moans more than the first time.When she got enough of it i got up and pump her hard in missionary position again. When i am near to cumming i ask her whether could i cum at her face instead she nodded. Then i fired and shoot all over her face while she was quite shy at that moment btw. When the streams and streams of sperm just flows down her body and she just playing it with her finger Wonderful Feeling!!! She is really a sex machine as just a 90 mins session with her my legs already turn slight wobbly. Wondering how will I be if had an overnight session with her..hehe

    Below is my personal rating after session with Jenny

    Look - 9/10 -Pretty cute gorgeous SYT with hugs and kisses on me upon arriving their apartment.
    Figure - 9/10 -slim plus fair. Soft & Natural Boobs and is big for me but I'm not good at judging the cup size
    French - 9/10 - Yes Passionate frencher.
    GFE - 9/10 - she very friendly playful.
    BBBJ - 10/10 - SOLID!!!Best BBBJ i gotten since the day i started bonking..
    FJ-9/10- Very tight and wet. 1st shot ended with "DOGGY" very good, 2nd shot ended with "COF" very power.
    RTF: Yes. Definitely !

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    Today i decided to set my new path to a whole brand new world, and that is SammyBoyForum!! this is my 1st time visiting online escort so guys do not blame for i writing lousy sentence ya

    So here my FR,
    i msg bro about Fiona, book her at 5pm. when i knock the door, i think she still doll up herself den finally i heard running footstep towards the door. The door finally open, i knew she hiding behind her door so i go scare her lol den she very cute as she stick out her tongue acting cute, surprisingly she amazed me!! she look pretty in person but much thinner den in pics.
    i'm a quiet type person n she keep on chat n entertain me alots, she keep on smile n hugs me all the times, GFE is 100% !!! 1st round i keep on finger her make her high till she drop n i also become a (painter) lol, next she help me blow my (weapon) WA i like her blow is really like whirlwind pattern lol.
    i spend too much time on my treasure blow, i faster proceed to 2nd round i damn surprise my treasure stand up so fast, cos she damn CUTE n keep on act innocent !!! sucking my BALL, we do 69,cow gal n missionary n lastly doggie style inside BATHROOM!! we really like a long lost lovely birds thru out the whole nite... i like the way she acting innocent act of hers, we like playing raping game thru out the whole session!!!

    GFE = 100% ( long lost lovely birds)
    BBBJ = 90% (whirlwind type !!)
    looks = 80%( more slim n more tann)
    Boobies = 80% (outer is really soft tender, squeeze more harder can feel hard inside)
    Balls licking good = 100%

    Thank RedsAgenda for giving me such wonderful first time experience. You guy Rock!
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    Stable: Reds Addiction

    Date: 16-06-14

    Time: 20:00PM

    OKT: BroBob -prompt and fast reply for the booking, Friendly

    Model: GiGi

    Age: 21yrs olds

    Loc: 'Town' Area, Apartment .Cozy Room and good enviroment!

    Pic Accuracy:85% -real life look like SYT.A true beauty with very tremendous features n really really striking eyes

    Tattoo: None!

    Boobs: B - Not big but just nice for me...She have a very sensitive and cute nipples!

    Frenching: 9/10 -Responsive! she love to french and can really french for very very long and throughout the whole session. frenchin is enuff to get her wet already!

    Painting: didn't try

    BBBJ: 8/10 -Not the Best i have tried but she is hardworking and wouldnt stop unless u stop her. but u also have to ask her to stop or else she will blow on none stop lolx still new to the trade bro!

    CIM: No

    FJ: 8/10 - she was very responsive to my touch and kisses. Let her ride me instead coz she cum easily that way as she noe how to let u hit her spot...She was very very wet and keep asking for tissue >.< whahaha i say it is ok not wet la lolx she cum at least 3time b4 i cum...can see her in estacy n shivering.

    GFE: 9/10 - Started to miss her already, lucky we exchange our Line in order to keep in contact each day, Kana Kc from her already.

    Attitude: 9/10-accommodating and never complains!!!!

    RTF: Definitely!!! As being a first timer visiting them, I am 100% satisfied with the services that RedsObsession and GiGi delivered to me as the session was really awesome and great! Worth money spending.. I will be back soon ! Thank for the Arrangement!!

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    Attention to all LSB cheongsters..
    Jean is trully the hidden treasure of RedsObsession.
    One of the best Thai girl I have ever Bonk so far.

    I booked at 930pm session. Reached the place on time as was easy to located. Went up to the room which given by broRO and i press on the door bell
    DING DONG x3
    Door open, my jaw drop! Such a beauty lady was standing beside the door and greeting me! very nice face feature.
    Uexpected this session turn out to become one of best bonk in my entire life so far.. here it goes for the session..

    We break the ice pretty fast as she is very chatty and cute...feel like a girl friend that I have already know for a long time.

    The bath room is quite SOP, but after dry out the body and lay on the bed, she started to impress me , her BJ is very very seducing , not those powerful type, but slow and feel like a girl friend is doing it for you willingly and not for money , the best BJ I have so far...

    She spend a long time on fore play with cat bath and BJ , I feel like a king during that 15 mins as she keep eye contact with me by her big innocent eye, feel like a young innocent girlfriend is asking my permission to allow her to proceed with every step she doing.

    During the FJ,as usual complete the shooting mission after 15 mins after changing a few pattern ,I feel that she is really enjoy and did not want me to stop, So i started fingering her as I switched between licking her boobs and frenching her..suddenly she pushed my head down and say kiss....(I know what she wants) I went down on her, painting and fingering her...she was in heaven I know from her moans and actions. She wanted more...so I fingered her till she cums...

    But I would say this is one of the best bonking i had till now, Really impressed with Jean, Such Beautiful Lady which are Service Oriented and also polite attitude.

    Thank Reds Obsession for arranging for today and good location as well dude!
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    After reading many frs and finally free and book a session with with Holly.Firstly msmerrized by her pics and also the many good appraisal on the particular girl.i would say is really worth bonking. No doubt about it. Excellent services from head to toe. and also a very friendly attitude. nothing much to complain about or nag about Treat me as if i am her teerak. I cannot even feel the slightest feeling that i am a paying Customer. This is the best so far i have encountered this year and hope in the future i will encounter more this type of girls. thanks for the arrangement.

    :foyourinfo:Here is my Sexperience with Holly.Try her and you will know it!!:foyourinfo:

    Look: 9/10 - sweet perfume, curvy figure and lovely hair. GND looks!:want:

    Figure : 9/10 - woman that carry themself well. she does a fantastic job. U wouldhave to think real hard before u decide if she is university undergrad or FL. good style. Damn fair and smooth skin plus point she have none tattoo.

    French : 9/10 - Don't think have to mention much in this section. Totally agreed and having same feel as bro Tengirri. Damn power ! :inlove2:

    BBBJ: 9/10 - A good BBBJ in 2014 which mark it my best BBBJ till now this year. Licking of Didi and long wet suck.. Sound effect was great with that horny look and tease.:evillaugh:

    CIM: Yes ! All in her mouth for my first shot:sohappy:

    FJ: 9/10 - We headed to the bed which large enough and started slowly by massaging each other. I gently massaged her boobs and playing with her cute nipples.Then over to catbath and oral. That was the best part. She has a way to suck just the head of the pole. It's like a kitty licking a lolipop. We did cathbath and oral on each other for long. With her, I tried something I had in time for a long time, the reverse 69. It was very good although if she did not deepthroat. True I did not push for it.When I was close to finish line, I sat on the edge on the bed and she gently made me come in her mouth with her tender suction and light strokes of the shaft for the first shot, Didn't notice that been already more than one hour has passed. She proposed a massage which I accepted. We talked about her life until it was time to go.:snicker2:

    Painting - Yes, Shaved pussy with lots of juices.. 69 was one of the best part throughout the session.:whisper:

    GFE : 10/10 - I already started to miss her liao...tio KC gao gao from her la... Very friendly and lovely girl. Fantastic feeling. makes me feel so comfortable and homely with my gf. as in this kind of feeling. if i rich enough make even think of marry or bao her. just a dream. Fellow bros please remember to be gentle with her.:happy2:

    OVERALL: 10/10 - a very enjoyable Session and this is the BFE ( Best Fuck Ever ) I have!:hehehe:

    RTF: Yes!!! Have to fork out more time for her before she leave:tears: !

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    Bros, you are not going to believe this, i wrote this fr in the hotel room with Jaden. She is now officially in my top 10 bonking list. Bros, if you cant make out who to bonk, look no further. Jaden is the one to go. Dun need to think, this is a no brainer, take out your hp and sms to 90374466 now! This is what happened.

    I felt horny as usual and wanted to try stable at laksaboy for this time round and browse through RedsAddiction, one of my favorite stable under the same management. Saw Jaden, looks good and newly arrived confirmed flesh! and i thought since patron them before, must well just go for it. Confirm liao i go down to the destination on time. Reach hotel, sms bro my room number then waited for her to come, 5 mins later she arrived. Open the door for her saw a super kawaii SYT standing there smiling at me so i quickly invited her in.

    Wow! I know ho sey liao.. Come in straight strip for me so i also help her to undress. Then i start to chit chat a bit with my lousy thai, ended up learning thai from her instead. Hahaha! First time i chit chat naked, so when our eyes locked, suddenly both of us go silent, then our lips locked together. We kissed like long lost gf as my hands started grabbing her boobs.

    I finger her abit, she is already wet liao. So quickly we head to bathroom to wash ourselves clean clean then can go into actual action. Im all sweaty when i reach. Hahaha. Shower quite sop but i always enjoy a good clean wash by fl. Inside the bathroom we were having lots of frenching and i was fingering her whenever i got the chance. I can really tell she is horny, her eyes, that look, that is the kind of look my gf gave me when she really craving for sex. Hahaha. She started giving me a bbbj in the bathroom even i didnt ask for it. Her bbbj is good, got suction got tongue action and its going in deep as well.

    I almost shoot when she bbbj me and look at me with the cfm look. I quickly stopped her and she immediately know that i wan action in the bed so quickly we dry ourselves and kissed all the way to the bed. Once on bed, she say she like bbbj and continued her bbbj since the action in the bathroom. Immediately in my mind i was thinking that i should get a cof since she providing it . Heeheehee. It is not before long that i cant hold myself any longer and shout out cumming cumming im cumming! I exploded all over Jaden's face the next moment and Jaden seems to enjoy it and suck up every single last drop of my cum before she went to wash her face up.

    Ahh.. i really really like the COF. When Jaden is back, we started frenching. Then she suggested that i take a rest from the shot just now and offered to give me a massage. Good idea! I need a massage too. So immediately get to work, Jaden's strength is just nice for me. I almost fall asleep enjoying the massage. When turned around, i see Jaden massaging me with all her concentration, even my gf also only press press abit only then say ok. But Jaden is putting all her concentration and effort into the massage. I was so touched that i stopped her immediately and french her. I know i must also give her a good time, like what she gave me a good time.

    I put her on the bed and enjoy myself giving her a brief french then start to go to her boobs then slowly work my way downwards. Then i start to finger her, her moanings begin once again. She is so horny that she is already so wet that i dun needa do much. Quickly caps on and then in missionary position and start my in out in out in out. Ahh ahh ahh.. sound system very good and she kept her eye contact as long as she can. I keep the control and she really enjoys it. Until i do until quite tired and before i say anything, Jaden once again very initiative and we changed to cowgirl. She said to me leave everything to her from now on. Wow! Great! Where to find this kinda girl?

    She is really good at cowgirl as well. Her movement all stimulate the right parts. Very soon her up down up down up down action really made me buay tahan liao but she say she cumming liao. I hold on hold hold hold then when she really cumming i also buay tahan and released as well. She just let herself fall onto my chest and we rested. Started frenching not long after that. Then go wash up and she offered to massage me again as there is some time but i declined saying that she should take a rest and i will write her an fr for her.

    Therefore, this fr written in her room with her laying on the bed just beside me.

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    ✪✪✪RedsAgenda✪✪✪ Jazz

    Had this delightful gem yesterday evening and left the place a totally drained man. This is my return visit to RedsAgenda, glad that they still maintaining to bring in such wonderful gems.Got my venue paid for and settled in for a short wait. A knock on the door heralded my 90 mins of rape and ruin.

    Name: Jazz
    Origin: Chiangmai
    Age: 21
    Looks: 8/10. Like a gal fresh into uni. Nice curly tresses
    Body: Thin but with enough flesh to leer at. Luscious hot lips and sparkling eyes
    Boobs: B+ with eraser tip nips. Great handful
    BBBJ: 5/10 at first but upgrade to 8/10 during the session. Not everyday you get a student sucking you off
    FJ: 8/10. Hugs you when humping. Moans and breathes heavily as if she didn't want anyone outside to hear, which added to the thrill
    Frenching: Brief tongue fight but mostly lip action
    GFE: 20/10. This gal may be shy but once you unlock her playful nature, run for your life! Can understand and speak moderate English
    RTF: I must be crazy if I didn't

    Jazz stands at very petite 1.58m and is almost waif-thin. However, she has enough flesh to enhance her femininity. She is a student from Chiangmai but given the inherent dimness of the room I was unable to determine her skin tone. Her face is crowned with pretty curls you would expect to see in a wedding and peering out from that sweet face is a pair of sparkling eyes. One of her most arresting features is her luscious and full lips. Without clothes on a pair of B+ headlights are thrust proudly for your leering pleasure with longish nipples which harden easily with a good licking. Not very hairy down south and her pussy lips are tucked in quite nicely. Her shy manner may be mistaken for aloofness but that's because she's really shy, being her first time to Singapore. However she's a very playful gal once you successfully break the ice. The overall effect is that of a gal new to her surroundings and sexuality, which of course would appeal to me.

    Sex-wise the action was indescribable. Being a rookie, she has no professional style and therefore the whole session was in a way fresh, like making love to your first gf in secondary school days. BBBJ was tentative at first but later became emphasize when she saw how hard I got. She complemented her BBBJ with running her nails around my body. That sure got my nerves tingling and at times, I could not help but spasm and gasp in pleasure. Painting was on the menu and I applied my Dommalingus on her which sent her spamming and moaning in pleasure. After she climaxed I capped up and entered into her tight tight pussy which was warm and still contracting my my Dommalingus. One of her fav positions is missionary with man on top but with both her legs between mine. That allowed for maximum intimacy as I could then hug her fully while feeling her Bs pressed against my Cs. The upwards angle of her pussy made that position perfect. Her hot breath and gasping moans were my undoing and I unloaded with a gush of man curry. After the session she then cuddled up to me and fondled. Talked about stuff too. Before I knew it time was up and I had to sadly watch her leave.



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