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Thread: FR's Corner

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    :foyourinfo:Here is my Sexperience with Jaden.Try her and you will know it!!:foyourinfo:

    Had a short time session with Jaden after brotengirri been emphasis this girl is a die die must try gem so booked her for a evening slot today.Oh my god this Jaden is really super cute. just like a sweetie pie. cant forget her sweet and innocent smile. that shyness and sweetness bring you back to the past where you had your first love with your very first gal. she might not be as wild as others fl but definitely one of the sweeter and the cutest. for that reason you might be same like me. the whole mind is busy with her looks. just like some bro mention she can speak english, polite and very attentive to your needs. think i might just keep rtf her if still cant get her out of mind. brotengirri. thank for your ho kangtao. Really enjoy time with her! this time round I will not write a detail fr like in the past , rating may refereed to brotengirri rating as is accurate as what i see so not going to repeat it again. So fellow LSB bros, Don't miss the chance as Jaden is a girl which worth your time and money. Bro Blue.true mai tu liao..still waiting for your fr with Jaden! am i right brotengirri?:evillaugh:

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    Phew!!! Wad A Fortunate day!. Amazing Session with a Superb SYT under Reds Obsession .Manage to make it for a session with Joel on her first day in SG. Thank broReds for calling me and informing me, Quickly get the next earlier slot and went down toward their place.

    Joel is really what all one can ask for. First, her English is not perfect but no problems communicating. She also knows a little Chinese. Her face is cute and resembles the posted photo 80%. Her body is really great. She is petite built SYT look with big natural boobs for her frame. She has no fat on her body but not boney. Has very fair complexion which she protects by walking in the sun with an umbrella.

    Her personality is also very engaging. As soon as she came into the room, she gave me a soft and tender kiss. Then she proceeded to undress herself and then assist me to undress. The accompanied shower was a fun groping session. We groped at each other. She also paid much attention to make sure little bro was clean.
    Then it was onto the bed for action. She started with passionate DFK and then I flipped her over to suck on those sensitive erect nipples. She was moaning away. Then she proceeded to suck on my nipples and proceed to a delightful BBBJ. After a couple of minutes, I motioned her to get positioned for 69. We went at it for a while and she put the cap on.

    She started with an energetic CG and then I picked she up and pinned her on the bed for a hard thrusting missionary finish. She held onto me tight in the missionary position. She was moaning and started DFK again until I unloaded.

    Her pussy was tight and wet and needed no KY. She was very responsive.

    We then went for a quick clean up in the bathroom and she proceeded to give me a very decent massage. After she flipped me over and started to massage my front I told her to take a rest and she cuddled in my arms.

    It was interesting conversation and we were gently fondling each other. Little bro started to wake up and she proceeded to the second BBBJ. After little bro came to full attention, she put the cap on and I signaled that I would like doggie for this round. I was pumping her real good and she was once again moaning away and enjoying the thrust. It lead to a very satisfying climax.

    We hugged for a moment longer and had the final shower and got dressed. After we got dressed, she continued to hug me and kissed good bye.

    To summarize, it was a great GFE as we been hugging and kissing together throughout the session. How can you ask for more?

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    Was checking out my regular OKT's stocks, when Karen under RedsAgenda caught my attention.
    Immediately dropped broRA a sms to check her next available slots.
    Lucky! I am able to book her next slot as i was also in town area,getting bored shopping alone. Confirmed the slot and Quickly rush down to the destination,

    Karen is the girl which I like and prefer and I think she is worth recommending to the bros who had an eye on her as well. Firstly, Karen have a mixed blood look unlike those local thai babe we used to bonk normally,her boobs are about B+ cup and good to hold and local normal thai girl skin tone. Although you may see that she had decent looks here but in actual fact she is a wild girl inside.

    Upon seeing Karen I know that she is the kind of girl that I always wanted to bonk. This time, I had both got the chance and got the girl. We started off by stripping each other and hugging and frenching all at the same time. Then we proceeded to shower. The shower is SOP but who cares, what I want happens in bed. Lol!

    On the bed, Karen gave me a good head to toe kind of catbath and followed up by a BBBJ. Karen is very good at licking and sucking my balls until I felt like cumming already. She is really into giving me a total BBBJ that the suction is at the just nice pressure and the movement is also just nice. She kept going on and on and on and with a little soft moans from her as well. Coupled with the vibration, I exploded into her mouth without much warning.

    After which she went for a short wash up. Coming back, I thought that it is my turn to service her but to my amazment, she continued to give me a catbath and wanted to revive my cock with another round of BBBJ. I thought that she is pretty hardworking and then I suggested a 69, which she accepted and we "help" each other up.

    I was all hard and mighty in record time and then which Karen caps me up and started riding me like there is no tomorrow. I love it! I just had my hands on her boobs and massage her and watch her ride and ride and moan and moan. Until I cannot take it any longer, I exploded. This is simply one of the more relaxing action that I had as I almost didn't do anything. She did all the work. No doubt about it.

    All Bros, what are you waiting for!? Try this GEM before she goes back home!

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    Royal Escort-SBF-Vanessa-

    Vanessa is a wonderful and sweet gal. Upon entering her room, she was all over me within a matter of seconds, great don't need to break the ice at all. She poured me a glass of ice water and sat on my lap, while i was drinking water, she's already fondling me all over....such a playful gal. That explains why i finished my 2 shots within 70mins. Started frenching all over before heading for the shower which was pretty SOP at the start but ended with a hellish BBBJ by her. She's very hardworking at sucking, looking at you in the eyes with the CFM look while licking your shaft, sucking your balls and the occasionally popping of the dick head, just what you will get if you watch JAV. Hanged on for 5-8mins before ejecting all into her mouth which she took it and dripped some onto her boobs.

    Ended the shower and head onto bed, she just don't let you rest even for a second.Within minutes on the bed, she already started attacking me, frenching like long lost lovers, fondling your balls and HJ-ing and such. She took her time to BBBJ me for the 2nd round for quite a long time i guessed, after which i initiated a 69 as i paint her for a good 5mins as she BJ me non-stop. Man, i would say her moaning is fantastic, imagine her moaning with my dick in her mouth.....marvellous scenario i would say. I guess she couldn't take the painting anymore, so she cap me and move herself from my mouth into reverse cowgirl position and rock away.....after awhile, she turned over to face me in cowgirl position with me still in her. Rock on and on before she's tired and i took control in missionary, pumped her for a good 5mins before unleashing everything into her....was intending for another CIM but alas she was too good for me to control, she will tighten her pussy muscle occasionally which will make you cum faster if you are not careful.

    Service is fantastic, very hard to explain in details, try to believe. She will do small things like wiping you after shower and shower for you after the 2nd shot etc. Try to experience heaven now...

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    Had a wonderful swallow Mission with Lisa under Reds Obsession.

    Hereby sharing my Humble Review for,

    Stable:Reds Obsession
    Age:19 years old
    Looks: Sweet SYT with GND look. She was more like my fuck buddy rather than FL.
    Body: nice slim figure just like how a young local sg college girls look like. She have a small 5 lines thai tattoo at her back left shoulder which we often see other thai FL also having the same. She told me is for good luck.
    Boobs: Soft B boobs which look so great with sensitive nipples!
    Frenching: Passionate and able to get into it easily.
    Fingering: Tight and wet easily.
    Bbbj: Hardworking with good suction. Never get to stop and suck till you surrender all your vitamin in her mouth!
    CIM: As what i mention she will continuously blow u start from gear 1 till turbo mode damn good! my 1st shot just surrendered in her mouth while my dick is still hot and hard become hard and she just swallow all my vitamin within the next second, and give me a very satisfied look with little slutty smile. Oh gosh!
    FJ: Accommodating and service oriented with her good attitude throughout session! No complaints on this . Once you turn her on you will know what is beast mode.
    Overall/GFE:A worth time and money spent session with her!
    RTF: Yes! As I'm Desperate for Lady always!

    Thank bro bob for the assist for arranging this first and ever swallow mission for me with Lisa and I really enjoyed it.

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    Are you like me who like girls that are slim and pretty and good in BBBJ service? Well, look no further, I just went for a bonk and Joyce is who I recommend under gossips girl.

    Upon walking towards her room, I can feel the dash of passion coming from Joyce . I do not think that she is servicing me, rather, she is also a part of it all along. We started off the session with some tiny little chit chat which I kept looking at her like a pervert. Not to mention that I am not paying attention to what she is saying. I am more interested in her body honestly. Soon, she noticed that I was "talking" to her boobs. Then, she just took her bra off.

    NICE! I mean, who did that?! I wasted no time and just pounced on her. Licking and sucking her boobs. Moanings soon came out from Joyce's mouth. Her heavy breathing is getting me in the mood and my mood is getting lower and lower as my blood flows towards my didi.

    I was so horny that I moved my hand near her private. I was stroking her legs, frenching all the way while Joyce tried to undress me in the process. Soon, I was naked, I didn't resist, I want it.

    We headed into the shower for a quick shower. Shower is pretty SOP as I was also rushing her to come to the bed too. Once on the bed, we were locked in a tongue fight and exploration of each other's body continues. Joyce was moaning as I licked and sucked her boobs and fingering her at the same time.

    Then Joyce turned me over and gave me a solid BBBJ. The kind of BBBJ with suction and licking and taking care of the balls too. I really liked it. It went on and on and on until I exploded into her mouth. Joyce took it all in, not a drop was wasted then she went to wash up a bit.

    When she is back, I continued to "attack" her like a hungry man. Licking and sucking every inch of her. My didi soon stood in protest already and I caps on and enter into Joyce's wet and tight pussy.

    The moaning just got louder and louder and we changed positions from missionary to cowgirl and finally I exploded in missionary again. The bonk is superb. Especially the moaning, I can feel Joyce really enjoying this herself too.

    Thank bro Sky for arranging and will rtf her soon.

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    Went for a bonk today and my choice is Mindy from RedsAgenda. Upon reached the destination knocked on the door and the door opens with Mindy hiding behind the door.

    Once in the room, I immediately turned over and saw a beautiful girl with a pair of long and sexy legs and she started to strip in front of me. It is quite interesting especially with her teasing look. One piece by one piece, she strips. After she was fully naked, she smiles at me and comes to me helping me to strip. Once we were both naked, we head directly to the bathroom.

    The shower is pretty SOP, but once after the shower, the action begins. She starts to french me, and have her body pressed on mine. I had a hard on and poke at her, she then uses her hand to start stroking me, slowly, kissing my nipples at the same time. She slowly kisses her way to my dick and started to put it into her mouth. She does deep throat and she moans as well. Then she started to lick my balls. Nice feeling.

    I was all the while enjoying the service and then I decided that I have to do something. I signaled for a caps on and she comes up on the top. Inserting my dick into her is like without any effort at all. She is already wet and she is tight as well. She insert in with a moan and then she started riding. On and on and on and on and on and on until I cannot take it and exploded into her. With my hands all over her, she lies onto my chest and stretches her legs straight and move a few more times.

    After a little frenching, she helps to remove my CD and then she went to wash up while I charged up my power for the second round. Mindy come out after a few minutes later and lies besides me, I was wondering for a second why she had her legs towards my face. Then she started to deep throat me again. Wow, since her pussy is right in front of me, I started to finger her as well. Still wet, I had my fingers going in and out of her and listen to her moanings and enjoying my BBBJ at the same time.

    She caps me on this time without me asking and then sat on it back facing me, the feeling is quite different, I like it in fact. After a while, I gently signaled her to get down and I pump her missionary style, I fully enjoyed the moaning and her service until I exploded the second time into her.

    Looks: 8/10 85% accurate live personal vs WEB pic
    Body: 8/10 standing at almost 1.7m with a pair of slim and sexy leg. Best for standing doggie. Local thai girl skin tone and none tattoo or scar.
    Boobs: 8/10 B boobs with sensitive erected nipples for me to suck.
    BBBJ: 8.5/10 sensational with wild and wet deep throat kind.
    FJ: 9/10 passionate lover kind. Accomodating throughout the session without any complaint and take initiatives on her service. Not a time watcher.
    Shower: 7.5/10 SOP
    Attitude: 9/10 hardworking and willing to served.
    GFE: 8.5/10 very teasing and playful throughout the session just like your girlfriend.

    Overall: 8.5/10
    RTF: Sure, on my payday.

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    Had a random sudden urge of bonking a tall girl so I SMS-ed Bro reds and ask him if he had got any girls that are tall and slim stock that is available. Bro reds replied me with Mindy saying that she is not only tall and slim,she is also a service oriented lady that worth a try so I didn't waste anymore SMS and just confirmed Mindy and immediately come over for my bonking session.

    I reached the area and quickly text bro reds , and Mindy opens the door. Standing in front of me is a beautiful and tall girl signaling me to come in. I immediately went in and SMS Bro reds saying THANKS! Hahaha! Definitely the style of girl I wanted, we started to communicate and Mindy is able to speak some simple english. We chit chat a bit and I started to french her and the action starts now.

    We french and french and her hands started to autoroam to my didi's territory and I immediately steam. Hahaha! We started to strip each other and her boobs is one of the nicest I ever touched. Soon, I moved to kissing her neck and move southwards, Mindy is enjoying the kisses and then initiate to go shower. The shower is pretty SOP and nothing interesting in the bathroom, but action soon come after.

    After drying up, we proceed to some action in bed. Mindy is anxious to give me a BBBJ and I just laid down and enjoy it. Her BBBJ is pretty good, got suction and I can feel her tongue moving. Very good, I really enjoyed it but I don't want to waste my first shot so early so I signal her to come over and we started to french again and she started to catbath me before I can suck her. She is really very service oriented. It felt very good and then I took her up and put her on bed, then started to service her. She really enjoyed it and let out lots of moaning. Then my trusty finger heads south to recce a bit and found out that she is already WET!

    Then I buay tahan liao, caps on and go in missionary style. Mindy is really tight. She moan and moan and moan as I pump and pump and pump. The tight and wet pussy is so nice that pressure builds up fast as well. Before I go to the point of no return, I quickly request to change to cowgirl and mindy happily obliged. In and out, in and out, wah! At this point in time, I pretty buay tahan liao, ended up exploding my first shot into her . At this time her face is already blushing and I can feel lots of juice below. She collapsed onto me and I love that kind of feeling.

    After resting for a while, she comes back to french me and give me a catbath and followed by a BBBJ. Ahh.. That nice feeling again, ohh ohh ohh. I know she is already horny and really want to do. This time I changed to doggie and pump and pump and pump and the moanings and sexy movements made me buay tahan and I shouted "CUMMING CUMMING!" and let out a "AHHH!". I came and collapse onto her body. Frenching and still moaning, I really feel that the service is excellent. After we washed up, it comes to the end of my wonderful sexsion and I dressed up, paid, and left as a super happy and recharged man. Thank bro reds for the recommendation of Mindy.

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    just back from a session with Laura.
    wanted to book Nina but the time slot I wanted she is not free so bro reds recommended me Laura instead as she was also newly arrived.

    went up to room, saw her...first look dont really look like pic...but her looks slowly grows onto u..
    did a little small talk and realised she can speak quite decent english...so thumbs up for communication
    went for shower and she really cleans me up thoroughly..
    proceed for action on the bed...it was quite sop...and she seem like sitting roller coaster, moan louder and louder while i was pumping her...after a 15 mins pump i cant hold it anymore unloaded with her on top of me...
    she offered me massage but we got to chatting and didn't notice that time was almost up and unable to go for the 2nd shot. She told me in a seductive and slutty tone she will remember me and give me 1 more shot for the return visit to her for sure.

    looks: 9/10 (90% resemble pic)
    figure: 8/10 (a little baby fats)
    boobs: 9/10 (nice soft natural boobs. with perky nips!! damn gd to suck on)
    bbbj: 8/10
    Fj: 8/10
    Gfe: 8/10
    communication: 8/10 (quite gd eng for a thai)
    Rtf: YES and im gonna be jelly leg for sure as to complete 3 shots in 90 mins session..

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    Just book Nikki this evening, i reach the destination abit early faster sms-ed bro for arrangement to head up to the room. gotten the reply and info me to proceed up so head up straight and knock on the door !
    when i saw Nikki that time i suddenly don't know what to do cause i am stunt by her look, so beautiful n sexy... really!!!

    She is more pretty in person than the photo, she look more like chinese than thai her skin so soft n white her boobs was sooo big. she so happy when she see me n welcome me with a great smile.

    We chitchat a while in no time we "break the ice" n we go for shower hand in hand, in my mind i was thinking of having a bbbj for awhile and start the actions in the bathroom ,So with my hardened dick, we hold hand in hand and ran into the toliet for shower. The place is small but it doesn't stop us a single bit. Washing up is pretty SOP, but action immediately came as she knees down holding my hardened dick and in one smooth action, she took my entire dick in. In and out, in and out, fast then slow then fast again. Wow! The feeling is out of this world. She still moans as she is giving me a bbbj.

    After the shower she ask me to rest on the bed she slowly catbath my body slowly down toward my hardrod again! by the time i know my whole rod was inside her mouth sucking, licking my ball and swirling my hardrod this is the most enjoyable bbbj i ever have until i cant stand it, So I tell her to stopped it first and my turn to service her back and I turned her over I grabbed her, and have her lay down on bed this time, and start to service her.
    Mixing massage, kissing and sucking together, she got high in no time. Was thinking of fingering her, wow! She is already wet!
    We wasted no time and caps on and I do her missionary style. Pumping like there is no tomorrow, she moans and use her legs to lockl me up and keep on push me to get me bonk her more and even fast and unloaded the 1st shot. No wasting of time went for a quick wash up and come back to bead I requested for doggie position without any break as I cannot seem to waste a single mins with such beautiful lady ,
    So Started and continued to pump and this time grabbing her boobs as well. Her boobs is one of the things about her that is going to take a very very long time to forget. I'm getting tired due to work stress and all the pumping action that I requested for a cowgirl instead.
    She didn't said a word but got me into position fast.
    Her cowgirl is fantastic and it also gives me a chance to see her boobs and touch it like it belongs to me and enjoying viewing her tits went left right up down when she was riding me and very fast i cummed and she still continues the motion a bit longer and then stopped, catching her breathe, she looks so sexy.

    Both of us went for a wash up after that and i try to extend another session yet bro bob told me she already have booking after my slot. Sad!
    Time's up already, man! Dress up and tips her and left the place !Time flies when you are enjoying things. Nonetheless, there is always a next time.



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