The authority of a site is very important because it affects organic search. If a website is not reliable for Google, it will hardly position it in the first places and it will be able to attract potential clients. However, it is not the same as the domain authority and we are going to delve into these differences in this post. Table Industry Email List of Contents What is called authority on a website How to know what is the authority of my site AhRefs Moz Majestic SEO Industry Email List How to improve authority What is called authority on a website Page authority has a direct impact on the number of potential customers a site can reach . For this reason, it is necessary to implement a successful SEO strategy in order to climb positions. What kind of factors affect search engines? Google understands that a site is trustworthy based on these factors that we list in this list: External links or backlinks . If the web page has a lot of reputable links, search engines give it a better score. The age of the web. It goes without saying that the longer you have a website, the greater its authority. The trust.

A user will demonstrate trust in her based on the degree of interactions and feedback on posts. These authority criteria play a very important role, since Google only wants to offer the best answers to Industry Email List the queries made by its users. However, we are going to differentiate between domain and page authority , as they are sometimes confused or thought to be the same thing. The domain authority (Domain Authority) is responsible for measuring the authority, quality and degree of reliability of a web page. Therefore, the higher the value of the domain, the more options there Industry Email List will be to make the website visible and increase its positioning. Page Authority is Industry Email List responsible for measuring the relevance of each website. For this, algorithms are used that allow their classification. It is easier to raise a low score than one whose authority is 60 or 70. In this case, the process will be much slower and more expensive. Therefore, it is relevant to know who assigns domain and page authority and how these rankings are analyzed. This allows understanding the positioning of a site to implement a successful strategy.

How to know what is the authority of my site One of the most important factors for web positioning is related to these concepts described above. However, it is convenient to know that there are a series of free SEO tools that help to know the authority of a web page. AhRefs This indicator will allow you to know certain details related to Offpage SEO. It is a very interesting tool that allows you to know the profile of the links on a website. Among its main indicators are the Domain Rating (DR) and the URL Rating (UR). Moz This tool is used to measure the authority of a web Industry Email List page and you simply have to download it in Google Chrome to install the Moz Toolbar. Later, it will indicate the domain and page authority. In addition, you will also be able to verify dofollow and nofollow links. Majestic SEO This is another option to know the SEO authority of a domain. This indicator analyzes the number of links your website receives and their quality. Therefore, its results are very reliable.